Cold Weather

Fall Favorites

I did a similar post to this last year for winter outfits. To be completely honest, I referenced it so much throughout the colder months. If there was a day when I felt uninspired getting dressed, I’d revisit the post. Fall is one of my favorite seasons for outfits, but I still thought it would be useful for you (and me!) to see some of my favorite looks from years past. And my big to-do for the weekend is to switch over my wardrobe– I keep putting it off– so this will help me figure out what to keep and what to pass on.

Red Tassel Earrings

Original Post | Recreate with a cashmere topper and tassel earrings!

Navy Barbour Beadnell

Original Post | Recreate with a Barbour coat and a fisherman sweater

Burberry Quilted Jacket

Original Flats | Recreate with a quilted jacket and fun flats

Plaid Flannel Shirt

Original Post | Recreate with a puffer vest, flannel shirt, and Hunter boots

J. Crew Plaid Shirt

Original Post | Recreate with a plaid shirt and a fisherman sweater

Sage Barbour Beadnell

Original Post | Recreate with a Barbour coat, cable knit sweater, and plaid shirt


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Hey Carly! I got a Barbour jacket two years ago and it’s honestly my favorite article of clothing I’ve ever bought. BUT I’m realizing that it’s about time I re-wax it. Do you re-wax yourself at home, or do you send your jackets in to Barbour? Or do you not re-wax at all?? I’m scared of doing it myself at home and screwing up, but I also don’t want to ship my jacket away for months. Any help appreciated 🙂 Thanks!