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Despite feeling ridiculously sick and fatigued this week (thank you seasonal allergies), I squeezed in some fun. Like meeting Renée Zellweger. Let me tell you; she is the sweetest person. I was blown away by how beautiful and genuine she was. I saw Bridget Jones’s Baby last week in preparation for the interview and LOVED it. It comes out tonight… everyone needs to see it. (Fun fact: Renée was asked to do the opening scene, where she dances/lip syncs to “Jump Around,” at 11 pm the night before! She had to memorize the song for the 6 am shoot, ha!)

And… another cool pinch-me moment?! Seeing myself in People Stylewatch Magazine! We shot this in June (and I miss my long hair!!!)… the wait to see the final product has been killing me. It was so exciting to open it and see!!!

People Stylewatch Jeans

Here’s what was on my radar this week:

ONE // Renée Zellweger with Jimmy Fallon

Speaking of Renée… she was on with Jimmy Fallon this week promoting the movie, and she busted out her seventh-grade cheer tryout routine. I loved her attitude and spirit through the whole thing! When she takes off her shoes, you know it’s going to be good.

TWO // Fall Off the Shoulder

Tuckernuck is seriously killing it with their product selections right now. They are always spot on, but right now they’re extra amazing. (Kind of annoying because you’ll want to spend all of your money there in about 30 seconds.) How cute is this off the shoulder top? The print is perfect for transitioning the trend into fall… and a great price point!

THREE // Tour of Kate Spade’s Apartment

Kate Spade (the person) gave a fun tour of her apartment. They have a ridiculously cool collection of art. And yet, her home seems totally liveable and friendly.

FOUR // Bobbi Brown Wrote Letter to Her Younger Self

I love love LOVED this letter that Bobbi Brown wrote to her younger self. I think Bobbi Brown is one of the coolest women out there. Who would have ever guessed that she had a difficult time in school? It’s so reassuring to hear that she followed the path she needed to take, and not one that she was “supposed to.”

FIVE // Avoiding “Like-Chasing”

I feel like this something all of us can relate to. I know that it’s something that I’m always trying to be conscious of and work on myself. I had never heard of the term like-chasing before, but the post is spot on!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Miranda | Miranda's Notebook

Congratulations on the feature Carly! You look beautiful in the photo! How exciting to interview Renee Zellweger; I can imagine she’s lovely in person. And I definitely want to read Bobbi Brown’s letter to her younger self. xxx


How cool that you got to meet Renee! I have to admit I always thought she was British until I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel the other night.