Fall Handbags

I just put away all my super summery bags and my closet feels a little lacking for fall handbags now. I’ve mostly been carrying this basket bag, which serves as a nice bridge from summer to fall. (I may or may not be in wicker bag withdrawal!)

Now that I know I want a new bag (okay, okay… maybe two), I’ve been on the hunt for just the right one. Some of my favorites are below. Would love to know if one catches your eye more than others.

Also, as a side note. When I do these kinds of posts, I usually close every window on my laptop and start from scratch. I go through hundreds– literally– of pages and open links into new tabs to items that catch my eye. Sometimes I’m left with about 10-15 and I can just round all those up and sometimes I have a lot more and cull them down. I do it over the course of a few hours and I’m not really thinking while I’m doing it– just “right-click+open in new tab”ing it. I VERY clearly have a style in mind! When I saw the curated list, so many of the bags look pretty similar 😂 Now I’m going to have to narrow it down for myself personally…

Fall Bags

Small Lee Radziwell Bag // Lee Radziwell Bag

Willis Top Handle (love all the colors!) // Houndstooth Camera Bag

Leather Backpack // Dinky Bag

Burgandy Camera Bag // Bamboo Triple Jump Bag

Everyday Leather Tote // Croc Embossed Canteen Bag

Brown Embossed Mini Lady Bag // Leather Satchel

Find Your Fall Bag

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As a fellow “right-click+open in new tab” person, I relate to this so much! My husband keeps telling me, “Middle mouse click! It will change your life!” But I haven’t been able to break the habit yet! 😆 Also, we have the same style in handbags, because I’m pretty much in love with all of these and have clicked on at least half of them before even seeing this post! Thanks for rounding them up in one place—now to go narrow it down!

Jessica C

Tell your husband thank you, please! I had no idea about this and audibly gasped when it worked. I’m constantly right clicking to open a new tab, this really did change my life haha!!


That Lee Radziwell bag is stunning! It looks similar to an Hermes Kelly, but so much more affordable.


I have one of the Willis bags from the 70th anniversary release and I LOVE it. It’s decent size and big enough to hold everything that I need (I suffer from Mary Poppins syndrome and want to have EVERYTHING with me.) I also really like that’s is all leather and holds up extremely well.

It’s also really sweet because older women stop me in the street to talk about how they got their first Coach bag in the 80’s and 90’s and it was often a classic style from Coach.


Love the Mulberry Bayswater! What happened to your Chanel though? If I owned a bag as beautiful as that, I don’t think I’d use anything else!


I have the smallest size of the Lee Radziwell bag and I love it. I only chose the smallest size because I have so many large bags already, but it is such a cute bag, I highly recommend!


I recently got the Mulberry you’re linking too, and it is really lovely, would def recommend it! It fits all the necessary things (my book, water bottle, umbrella/ipad/cardigan whatnot)


I also open all the tabs when I shop – even if I know what I want, you got to find the best price!
I always have my eye on the classic Coach styles like the Willis Top Handle and the Dinky. My grandma gave me her first Coach and I love how it works with anything at anytime. But, the Cuyana Backpack also caught my eye, I don’t know if I can do that trend though. I will always be lusting after the Mulberry Bayswater but it is still out of my price range 🙁

Chloe Kangas

Hi Carly! These are some stunning choices. As a prepster myself (and someone who often has people spell my incorrectly) I feel like I have to point out a couple of oversights – your link description says “Lee Radziwell” but the bag is actually called Lee Radziwill after the woman Lee Radiwill. Also the J.Crew link says “Burgandy Camera Bag” but the colour is Burgundy. Usually you’re so on point with details and spelling so I know this must have been a rare slip. Hope this helps!

Rose Alina

My backpack may not look as professional as others, but it’s designed to carry without stressing the back – a necessity since I trashed my spine in a car accident last year. Tom Bihn’s are great – and no one (at my age) mistakes me for an undergraduate or even a grad student!