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This has been a fairly typical, lowkey week. I was supposed to kick off the week by attending the premiere of the Downton Abbey movie but the train was running over an hour behind and all the Ubers refused to do the drive into the city. By the time I called it quits on the train (there were no announcements and all subsequent trains just blew by the station without stopping!), it was going to take to long to personally drive in. I was pretty bummed, so I’ll just have to use it as an excuse to take myself on a little date to the movie theater to see it 🍿

Mike was also out of town for work so it was pretty quiet at home. It’s funny how a house feels so much quieter than an apartment. I kept myself busy most nights doing more organization and rearranging furniture. (We’re getting so close to feeling totally settled!) He’s back though now we’re headed down the shore for his brother’s wedding!!

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Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE//“Who Would I Be Without Instagram?”

I’ve long been a fan of Tavi Gevinson. (I even met her at the Tony Awards one year and she was so nice.) She just penned this article for The Cut reflecting on who she would be without Instagram. Having also gone through my own “coming of age” on the internet (hers as a pre-teen into young adulthood… and mine as I transitioned from college student to young adult, and beyond), I really connected with her essay.

TWO // Bad on Paper LIVE

Two fun announcements for my friend Grace’s podcast… 1) I’m going to be their October guest! And 2) they’re going on tour again and will be re-visiting NYC. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend because I’m out of town, but I went to their inaugural live show and loved it. If you have the chance to go, I can’t recommend it enough!

THREE // Cap-Toe Mules

Anyone looking for a cute pair of shoes, perfect for fall? These cap-toe mules are gorgeous. I love the silhouette. I love the bow. I love the quilting. And I LOVE the color!

FOUR // Benefits of Reading

This is a super short Q&A (personally, I’d love to see a longer, even more thoughtful piece on it). Even still, I enjoyed it and found myself nodding my head throughout. I can’t imagine my life without books as it’s the perfect antidote to a hectic, social-media fueled life.

FIVE // How Bon Appetit’s Claire Saffitz Gets It All Done

It’s no secret that I have a girl crush on Claire Saffitz. I am obsessed with her videos on Bon Appetit’s Youtube channel. So talented & creative. Watching her problem-solve her way through tricky recipes is inspiring– she never gives up!! New York Magazine just featured her in her home with how she gets life done!

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Helen C

Such a lovely post, Carly! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get the chance to watch the Downton Abbey film at some point. I read the benefits of reading article you linked, and really resonated with it. I want to decrease my time scrolling social media and switch to reading more physical books or just being more mindful with what I read online. Wishing you a positive week ahead. 🙂 xx

Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog