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I’m the first to admit that I have a non-traditional job, requiring a range of wardrobe. Most days, I work from home in something comfortable. I have to dress up for events ranging from casual all the way to formal. And, occasionally, I need business professional outfits. I do have a couple of suit-ish looks that I can make work when professional-attire is necessary, though it’s not my first choice as I don’t feel myself. With that said… I couldn’t be more into M.M. LaFleur– with whom I’m partnering in today’s post! M.M. LaFleur is all about dressing the professional woman. They’ve honed in on fit, function, and style for working women– a market that is often overlooked.

I actually visited their showroom this spring (unrelated to this partnership) and got to hear from their head designers. I was blown away at their attention to details. They interviewed professional women in different cities and industries to create the items that women want and details they need to look and feel their best at work. For example, they took into account the differences a woman working in finance in Manhattan versus a woman in tech in San Francisco– both professional women, but two completely different sartorial norms.

MM LaFleur

While I would try anything to get out of wearing a suit… I’m so into this one that I’m trying to find excuses to wear it. Now that says something. I feel like a total boss 😉 And, most importantly, I still feel like myself.

Professional Work Attire Women

The hero piece of this outfit I styled is the Yan Jacket. I couldn’t be more into the double-breasted style and it’s completely packable! In fact, it comes with its own travel pouch which it neatly folds into for storage in a tote or a suitcase.

I swapped out the original belt with one of my own for a bolder look. I found the jacket to run slightly on the bigger size, so definitely size down at least one size. (I’m wearing a 0 and I had the sleeves and the original belt tailored a few inches each.)

I totally plan on wearing this blazer with jeans for a more casual look too!

Packable Work Outfit MM LaFleur

MM LaFleur Outfit

These pants are also incredibly comfortable. Honestly, they feel more like yoga pants than anything else but are super clean and sleek. They fit true to size and have great lines for the most flattering silhouette in the office. I’ve been going into the city via the train and these pass the comfort test with flying colors.

Packable Blazer MM LaFleur

Packable Jacket // Pants // Top // Shoes*

* All c/o M.M. La Fleur

Thank you M.M. La Fleur for sponsoring this post!

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Jordana @WhiteCabana

I do wear suits regularly, and I find it difficult to find beautifully tailored suits in good fabric at a reasonable price. I know…a lot to ask! The MM La Fleur looks good. I’ll hopping over to the site now to see more of its collection.


Love the outfit and love M.M. La Fleur! Would you think about doing a post about business casual clothes at every budget? I’m trying to stock up for a new job and most unfortunately have M. M. La Fleur taste at an Old Navy budget haha.


Love this whole look! I work for myself as well so I rarely need to dress in office attire, but this makes me want to start fancy Fridays in my home haha.