I actually brought my big camera to Nantucket last weekend. I love that taking photos has actually become something I enjoy… and I was excited to have my camera with me to snap some candids throughout the bachelorette. We got lucky with the most beautiful fall weather, which also meant the most beautiful fall light. Wanted to share some of the environmental shots I took just because they give me the most amazing fall Wanderlust.

October has quickly become my favorite time to be on island. Especially at the beginning of the month, things are still fairly open. There’s a lot going on (there were four weddings the weekend we were there!), but it’s not as crazy crowded as the summer months can be. If you’re extra lucky, you’ll get a day or two warm and sunny enough to spend the afternoon at the beach. As long as you don’t mind packing layers, it’s a fun time to visit!

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I have scalloped several times off the coast of Florida. You do it in the summer and it’s like a underwater Easter egg hunt. Based on your dry hair I know it must look very different on Nantucket. How does it work there?


Looks serene! I’ve only been during the summer when it’s been bustling. I bet fall has a more peaceful vibe,


Hi Carly, long-time reader and fan here! thanks for sharing these pics, now I have to add Nantucket in the Fall to my travel wish-list!

Also, I have a little one who is 3 and my mom and I were talking recently about how we’d love “rain pants” to play outside with her – can you please share a link to what you were wearing here?