DIARY No. 84

What a fun couple of weeks! Some cute things to share… here is what we’ve been up to according to my camera roll.

My sister was in NYC for a bachelorette trip and so Jack and I drove into the city to hang with her before her flight home. It was a windy and drizzly day, so we took Jack to the Museum of Natural History. I kind of thought he wouldn’t really get it and that my sister and I could just stroll around and chat. Turns out he loved it though! So many things to look at– he especially loved the big skeletons hanging from the ceiling! Such a good aunt/nephew activity too. (Plus it’s just so fun to discover things through a child’s eye.)

Speaking of fun activities. Gymnastics is always a hit every week. We’ve been going with so many of the same families and it’s wild to see how the babies have gone from just sitting to fully exploring the gym!! They’re getting so big. Jack’s rugby coverall was a gift from Beaufort Bonnet– it’s one of the cutest outfits and it’s so easy to dress him since it’s a one and done.

My friend Melissa hosted a few friends at The Plaza for a Truman Capote themed evening. Such a fun idea and she, of course, made sure not a single detail was overlooked. The whole night was to celebrate her suite of dinner party stationery.

I stood in as Elsa’s photographer for a big campaign she had! We did the photos at The George in Montclair. It’s Bobbi Brown’s hotel and such a fun spot! The rooms are all named (Elsa was in the “Olivia” room and every wall was covered in framed photos of famous Olivias!) and there is even a hidden candy pantry loaded with candy anyone can take.

And then I was off to Nantucket for Victoria (aka Little V!)’s bachelorette party. It was so much fun and so very Victoria. We did all of her favorite things, including tons of adventures like scalloping! I have gone clamming (of course with Victoria lol) but this was my first time scalloping. I also loved reconnecting with some girls from Georgetown and meeting V’s other friends whom I’ve heard a lot about but never met!!

Joey sent Jack a wagon and, um, he LOVES it. We borrowed a wagon when we went apple picking last month and Jack was obsessed with it. I am so excited to have a wagon now, but no one is more excited than Jack. I set it up while he was in daycare and surprised him with it when we got home from pickup. I mean, look at that smile. They gave me a code, too, for you guys. CARLY75 for $75 off.

Lake also surprised us with matching pajamas for Christmas! Little red stripes for me and bold red stripes for Jack.

I finally had a chance to pop into Sugar Rush, a little candy and gift shop in the center of our town. It is so cute. I can’t believe it took so long for me to go in. I was looking for a little present for our niece’s fifth birthday and found the most perfect things for her. So fun!

The tiniest shorts gifted from the Sister Parish x Minnow Swim resort collection. We are still doing swim lessons every week and Jack is down to one pair of trunks that fit. I’ll also be packing these for an upcoming trip to Florida…

Our pond club has beginner pickleball lessons. I’ve played before, but it’s been a nice way to brush up on skills and practice drills. This week I went with one of my friends (we met at Jack’s swim lessons) and two other members– honestly, I felt like we were kind of killing it by the end of the lesson!

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