Nantucket with Little V (plus video!)

If you’ve been a longtime TCP reader, you’ll definitely remember my friend Victoria, also known as “Little V.” She and I were great friends in college and roomed together my junior year. She graduated a year before me and my senior year was 100% not as fun without her on campus!!! Victoria was overseas getting her masters at Oxford, but has been back in the states for a year now. The best part is that she’s been in NYC and Rye so I get to see her all the time. (Except now she’s moving to Colorado for work and I’m actually in denial.)

Her family has a gorgeous property on Nantucket and I was invited out for a weekend. It was the dreamiest weekend and I felt like such a lucky friend to get to experience the “real” Nantucket. I loved sitting around at dinner hearing her mom tell stories about secret blueberry bushes and riding their horses through the Moors. I always say I can have a great time with my friends in the middle of nowhere, but being in a beautiful setting surely doesn’t hurt.

Nantucket Bluff

The view from their house, can you believe it?! V’s mom is an incredible painter and you can see where she gets her inspiration from! 

Unicorn pool float Floaty

Victoria bought these inflatable unicorns for the summer. Absolutely equal parts ridiculous and epic.  Golden Retrievers

Three goldens: Tuckernuck, Charlotte, and Eloise!

Nantucket Picnic

I want to take cooking lessons from Victoria and her mom. They are amazing at whipping up the most delicious and fresh meals! They even have their own garden on the property. So good. Nantucket Boston Pops Charity Concert 2016

On Saturday night we loaded up their boat and journeyed over to the harbor to listen to the Boston Pops charity concert. It’s no exaggeration that this was my favorite night of the entire summer. UNREAL. You have to watch the video for some behind the scenes of the sunset, boat fun, and fireworks.

Nantucket Boston Pops

(I’m wearing a Hilflint sweater, this hat, and these sunglasses. Victoria’s wearing this sweater.)

Nantucket Panoramic

Nantucket Cottage

Clamming on Nantucket

After laying out at a beach for a bit, we did a little bit of clamming. My first time. I hated it at first and then really started to enjoy it! I couldn’t stop laughing at (slash was terrified of) the scallops snapping at me!

Nantucket Private Beach Nantucket Ship

Nantucket Lighthouse

It was a super toasty and humid weekend, but so much fun!

Nantucket New Bedford Ferry

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Hey Carly!
My sister and I just started a blog and we want to create fun videos like yours! What tools and editing apps do you use to create your videos?


I use Final Cut Pro, but iMovie works just as well especially when you’re starting out!


You will just have to come to CO and visit her! And maybe do a Denver meet up! As a Rhode Islander in the mountains and a TCP reader from the start I would love it 🙂


I have always wanted to go to Nantucket! It looks so peaceful! I too went to a lake this past weekend; Lake McConaughy in Nebraska. Read about it, in this weeks blog over at


Hi Carly – I love your style posts. Is there a way to subscribe for e-mail updates? Thanks 🙂


Your video made me so happy! I have never been to Nantucket but all of your snaps, photos and videos make me want to go so bad!