Here for a Year

We have lived in Connecticut for just over a year. This year has flown by!!! I’d say it’s gone by too quickly, but I think it went so fast because it was filled with so much good. It feels like living in the city was a lifetime ago. I remember feeling a little apprehensive about moving, which now, looking back, I can attribute solely to my fear of change. I was actually completely ready to leave city living behind and try to find a more “normal” lifestyle. (I think normal is relative and, for me, living in NYC felt more like a fun challenge than a normal life.)

I soaked up the fun-ness that is New York in the summer and packed all the memories up for a change of pace. And it’s been amazing.

Now I feel like I have the best of both worlds: a slower, more relaxed (totally more convenient) life, but also being able to pop down to NYC for a day of meetings. There is no greater feeling right now than getting on a train and leaving behind the crazy city and being back to a quiet home an hour later. I thought I’d want to go into the city often, but it’s funny now because I almost dread it at times– especially if it’s too hot or raining!

Living in Connecticut

Onto the good stuff:

  1. 1. I just love Connecticut. I really don’t think I had spent much more than a few hours in Connecticut at a time before moving here. Luckily, I love it. I don’t really know what it is that I love the most, but there’s just so much to do and the convenience of being able to travel around easily is great. We live in Stamford and the centralness to the surrounding towns plus the city, great rental properties, and fun restaurants make it perfect for where we are in life right now. The dream would be to find a house in Westport, but I think it’ll take a couple more years of saving before finding the “right” house! But really, I couldn’t ask for more right now. I’m just so happy.

2. Having a car makes life so much easier. Not a day goes by where I don’t give my car a little praise. I’m so grateful for a car after living in places where one wasn’t needed. Every time I put groceries in the trunk, or load the pups up, or go on some kind of adventure, I’m a happy girl. Probably the happiest girl. The car is nice not only for everyday life, but it makes me feel a little less trapped. If we wanted to leave Manhattan, it was at least an hour just to get out; whether we went by train or car or bus. Now Gar and I can load the car up and be on our way basically within minutes. We’ve clocked a ton of miles on my Subaru and I couldn’t recommend a Forester enough!

3. The pace of life also has had a dramatic affect on my life. I definitely get caught up in feeling like I’m on a hamster wheel from time to time, but overall, life is so much calmer. I feel like I need to rush around to four events a night or wear heels every day. I always felt frustrated by things in the city and let the frustrations (about delayed/crowded subways, terrible traffic, loud construction, you name it) spill over into how I felt about life. And while I know life will always have its frustrations, I don’t find CT ones causing me headaches. (I’ll take I-95 traffic over Fifth Ave traffic any day of the week.)

I also find myself a little bit more focused on myself. I don’t feel isolated at all– I have more friends out here and most of my city friends have moved elsewhere too– but I definitely have found that I don’t compare myself to others quite as much. I don’t know what it was about NYC, but I was always looking around sizing everyone up and seeing how I compared. I think it’s a combination of being out of that dog-eat-dog world myself, but also being surrounded by other people who have “opted out.” It’s refreshing.

I’d definitely love to live here for as long as possible, but who knows what the future holds. I think we’re at least here for another year while we wait to see how a few things pan out… but the bottom line is that life is really, really good out here.

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I just love reading about your transition from NYC to Connecticut. I’m actually going back and forth between moving to NYC or staying here in California, and it’s such a tough call. New York has that energy that I haven’t experienced anywhere else, but I don’t want to just move there on a whim. I’d like to have a job lined up before I even go apartment shopping. Do you have any tips, Carly?

Shirley L

Coincidentally I’m going through the same thing. I’ve never lived outside of California. I grew up in NorCal but my best friend lives in SoCal so I spend a lot of time down there too. But NYC has this pull that I feel like I should experience once, plus it’ll be nice to hop from Maine to Florida and in between once I make it out there. Not sure about your situation but I’ve been using this year to save up for the move next year so I don’t have to stress about finding an apartment or job right away. Best of luck on your journey!


I’m so glad CT has been so good to you, I love living here too! I grew up in Stamford, and just as you described above is exactly how I always felt. I loved going into the city for the day or overnight, but there is nothing better than coming home on Metro North and pulling into your own driveway. CT is a beautiful place to live and I’m just so glad to see people who love it as much as I do!


I am so glad to hear that you are so happy! I’m a long time blog reader, and you seem so much happier and more content in Connecticut than you were in NYC. It even comes across in your writing! Best wishes for you, Garrett, Ham, and Ted 🙂


Happy to hear you’re happier in CT! I totally hear you on this! I’ve lived in the city for awhile now and as much as I love it, I would love living in the country a little bit more. I dream of the day I can move out and get a lot more space and/or live life at my own pace.


Hey! I just recently moved to Stamford as well. Last weekend I popped into Barry & Fred and the Juliska Flagship Store down toward Harbor Point. I highly recommend stopping in–the Juliska has an adorable cafe inside that would be adorable for a home decorating photoshoot!


you guys look really cute together!! :3 great pic. and congrats and finding balance in CT!


I’ve lived in Stamford my whole life and I honestly love it. I went to college in upstate CT so I didn’t have that ‘city’ feel for those 4 years and having just graduated in May 2016, I’m so happy to be back. I managed to land a job in Greenwich, CT so I’m very grateful for the short commute. It would be lovely to run into you one day!

Krystal // The Krystal Diaries

Having the best of both worlds is the greatest. It’s great to be able to hop on the train from Long Island to the city when I need to but also have the suburban lifestyle that is so much easier than the city. Sometimes I’m still a little nostalgic and miss living in the city and the convenience of having everything right there.


Carly — so happy you’re loving Connecticut! I feel the same way; it’s great to be outside of the city in a calmer, suburban area, but able to get into the city just as easily. I’m moving to Fairfield soon, and have loved your posts about living in CT!


Reppin’ Connecticut! I live up in the Hartford area, so I’m very jealous that you’re such a short train ride away. I’ve always loved the New Haven area as well. And Westport is so nice, it would be a wonderful future goal to live there!

Danielle @ afloat on a full sea

Amy Parenteau

I’m so glad to here you are enjoying here! I followed you through your transition here, and it can be very scary making the move from the city. You both look so happy! 🙂

Karen J

I definitely feel you on comparing yourself to others- I’m in San Francisco and feel like I’m the only person not in tech. I love what I do, but can’t help wondering if I’m missing out on something…even though tech is completely not my jam! On a happier note- so glad that you love where you’re living and it’s conducive to your lifestyle!

Shirley L

SF gal here! 🙂 After working at a government agency, non profits, and private established company, I can definitely say a tech start up is very different. The dynamism stands out in my mind. The need for ever-changing practices, processes, procedures has kept me on my toes. But it can be wearisome too. I don’t think you’re missing out on anything per se and I don’t have a tech background so I feel out of the loop in the tech world too (in spite of the fact that I work for a tech-related company). The grass is not as green as it may appear on the other side 😉


I live in the city of Seattle and we are trying to move. Sadly, one of our options is out of the city which is so sad because Seattle isn’t that big (only .5M in the city limits) so the little hustle and bustle that we do have is enlivening but I do think having more space and a backyard to BBQ in would be pretty terrific. So, we’ll see what happens.