Fall on Sale

Okay honestly. Let me just get this off my chest really quick. There’s no way I could put a pair of boots on right now. Honestly, I don’t think I could do it, even on a “cool” night. My legs feel swollen just thinking about it.


But…. I have to share some fall pieces right now because they’re on sale. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is by far the best sale of the year. I always end up getting the best things that I wear forever and ever. (My mom bought me a pair of Tory Burch riding boots in 2008 for my birthday during the sale!)

So here’s the deal. I don’t have too many tips for this sale, but I do have some good advice. I would personally only stock up on “staple pieces” for the fall during the sale. Purchase things you already know that you’re going to love and wear and get a lot of use out of. Save trendy purchases for later. (Even though they may be full price, I think it’s worth waiting to make sure it’s a trend you definitely want to embrace, versus being stuck with something that you bought on sale months in advance.)

Things are also going to sell out. If you see something, in your size, and you want it, your best bet is to purchase it right away. If your size isn’t available, check back frequently to see if it comes back in stock as people return items. Last year I remember things coming back in stock all the time. You can also call around to different stores if you’re really committed. One year, I wanted a pair of black boots and they were sold out online. I called around to different stores and finally tracked down a pair in my size, and they shipped them to me.

Lastly, remember it’s just a sale! It drives me crazy to see people get worked up over a sale. The best part about this one is that everything will be made available again in a little bit. It will be full-price, but there are worst things in the world.

My top must haves:

The best bra. (And another favorite)

Camel wool coat

Bow dress

Suede skirt

Bow Blouse

Pendleton Hooded Raincoat (can’t pick a favorite color!)

Patagonia Pullover 

Mary Jane Pumps

– All the makeup!









Let me know if you end up purchasing something!

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The hot CT weather right now combined with looking at all these cute fall pieces is making me so excited for the change of season! Love all of this so much!


Yes!!! My side job is in lingerie, and the Natori Feathers is my all-time favorite! Great post! 🙂


I splurged on the Dry Bar “Beach in a Box” set – it was too good to pass up! Hopefully the 3 Day Bender lives up to the hype. I also picked up a Natori Feathers bra for the first time!