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Can I just reiterate here how much I love you guys! This week was an exciting and frustrating as far as the website/rebrand goes… but your support made it beyond worth it. It reminded me just how awesome you are, and how lucky I am!

It seems like everything is up and running for the most part. Most importantly, the hosting is finally stable, and the RSS feed is finally working again. Just wanted to update you on a couple of things that I’ve been getting questions about. Email updates are coming in a few weeks, the key fobs you saw in the vlog will be available for purchase soon, and I’ll be doing a sticker giveaway on Snapchat soon (so make sure you’re following along there!).

House in Westport with a yard full of hydrangeas.

I feel like this week flew by and that I spent the most of it staring at a computer screen. I’m excited for this weekend, though, my family flew into town last night, and we’re driving up to Cape Cod to visit our family friends. I  can hardly contain my excitement. Three of my favorite things: family, friends, and the beach! (If you remember, I drove up to surprise Nicole there in January. I can’t wait to see their house in the summertime!)

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // The Nordstrom Sale starts TODAY!

(From what I know it pops up at 3 am, so if you’re reading this between 12 and 3, hang tight.) Honestly, as far as sales go, this one is the best. All the merchandise is upcoming fall clothes, so they’re all new. While I love getting a good deal on summer clothes at the end of the season, it’s even better to get full-priced just released clothing at a significant discount. One thing you should be keeping your eyes open for? The Tory Burch riding boots.

TWO // Facebook Live with Lilly Pulitzer

I had the best time on Monday doing a Facebook live video with Lilly Pulitzer. I was really nervous about it. I get nervous filming any kind of video… and this was live. I stumbled a little but at the beginning and then got into the zone. It ended up being a blast. Even though I’ve seen photos of Sai (and her super adorable mini-me daughter London), this was our first time meeting. She killed it and made me feel a lot more confident throughout the whole thing! (Plus I have serious hair envy.) The Lilly team even let me keep the maxi dress I wore; I plan on wearing it this weekend!

THREE // Bob Ross on Netflix

I remember seeing clips of Bob Ross while scrolling through television as a kid, but I never watched more than a few frames while trying to find a Disney show or something. Well, I saw Bob Ross on Netflix and thought it was a documentary. It turns out that it’s the actual show. Let me just say, it’s mesmerizing!!! Gar and I have been watching an episode before bed. ? It’s so relaxing to watch him paint. Anyone else out there a fan?

FOUR // Three Tips for Creating Video Content

I’m making a good effort to start doing more video content on my Youtube channel and found this great article with tips. (PS Thanks for all the suggestions of what you’d like to see!) Editing the videos is my favorite part, it’s the filming part that I need to get better about I think.

FIVE // We’re the Superhumans Trailer

Okay, this trailer I saw on Facebook gave me the goosebumps. And I teared up, too. Talk about inspiring and motivational.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Soo good to hear that your website is all working now!! It definitely was worth it to switch over 🙂 I love the new design.
Onto Bob Ross, oh my, when it first was available on netflix I tried one of the painting out on microsoft paint!! Didn’t work too hot…but it was fun 🙂


Sai De Silva

Carly, you’re the sweetest and you did great on the facebook live video. So happy we met in person.
P.S. The site looks great!