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The news lately has been far from good. It seems like I start every morning by standing in the shower feeling helpless. The steady stream watering my sadness and masking my tears. I wipe the fog off the mirror to find my plain, makeup-free face staring back at me. My reflection begs for, demands, an answer.

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I don’t know the cure. But maybe, just maybe, with enough band-aids the world can heal. Every day, we should load our pockets, our purses, with band-aids. Smiles, kind words, compliments. Positivity, optimism, generosity. To let the sadness and injustice fuel our personal goodness. To let those flames that burn and ravage ignite the change.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Find the broken and hurting and hand out a band-aid. Consider it a peace offering, a white flag of friendliness and compassion. I know one “band-aid” won’t cure the evil. But it may stop the pain for a minute. The gesture may give a moment of warmth. And what could a hundred of these band-aids do? A thousand? Even more?

I think they can heal. I believe enough band-aids could provide warmth where there was cold. Provide safety where there was vulnerability. Provide softness where here was rigidity. Provide humanity where there was none.

It starts with one. It starts with you.

I typically try to keep things completely positive on here. I do believe (I have to believe) that while there is plenty of darkness, it’s also important to remember the light– and to really see that light.

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Splendid Spread Softness

Splendid had sent over an idea for a collaboration and I loved the #spreadsoftness campaign. In fact, since the email popped into my inbox, I’ve been repeating the hashtag in my head like a personal mantra.

When I scrolled through Twitter in the back of a taxi cab and saw a breaking news tweet that made my stomach drop and tears well up in my eyes? I decided to spread softness and tip the driver an extra $20.

When I was listening to the news on the radio in the drive-through of the Starbucks and was so angry at what I was hearing? I decided to spread softness and pay for the coffees of the car behind me.

Even without seeing or hearing something terrible, I’ve brought it to the front of my mind to really dole out niceness and positivity, to spread softness. It’s a win/win as far as I’m concerned: I am reminded that there is still room for good in the world and hopefully someone else, even for a minute, is reminded that there is good in the world.


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Splendid is also hosting a #spreadsoftness giveaway, more details here:

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Thank you Splendid for sponsoring this post.

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Tracy Schwartz

I absolutely love this post Carly. Agree #SpreadSoftness is wonderful. I’m a huge advocate for Random Acts Of Kindness because you never know who you will touch.

P.S. The new design is very crisp and clean!


Thank you! I love #spreadsoftness too… I know when someone does even the littlest thing for me it can make my whole day!

Monica L

Carly, thank you for this lovely reminder. I go to your blog once or twice a day, when I need a break from the sadness and anger that I see everywhere else on the internet. Thank you for fighting to stay positive, kind, and gentle!


I love this! I’ve been feeling a sense of helplessness recently when I think about almost EVERYTHING going on around us. This is the perfect reminder to focus on what we can control, and spread positivity to those immediately around us.


I absolutely love this post Carly. In times of uncertainty it’s always important to remember all the good people doing good deeds throughout the world. I like to reflect on Mr. Roger’s quote “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” After every tragedy big or small there are always people that come to the aid of one another. Those are the people we should focus on and if I can be a helper by opening a door for someone, buying their coffee, tipping a larger amount, or any other small task than count me in.


Thank you for this. It’s such a lovely reminder. With all the hate in the world right now it’s so important to show some kindness.

Tori A.

This is a truly beautiful post, Carly. It seems like every news story is a tragedy nowadays, and that has made me doubt the plausibility of a happy future for our world. Hopefully if more people take the initiative to spread kindness in a world full of anything but, we’ll have a wonderful world again.

Tori A. from Prep For A Day


After reading this post, I’m very motivated to #spreadsoftness. It’s a great reminder to do a little extra once in a while. Who knows how much a small act of kindness can mean to an individual. Thank you for this post!

Southern & Style

I think this is such an important campaign! I love random acts of kindness because they remind me that there is still good in the world!

xoxo, SS

Southern And Style


After reading this post I immediately sent the link to my mom and sister. Thank you for sharing such an important message. I absolutely love this post.


I have so been there lately, Carly! I have started trying to distance myself from the news because it is getting so upsetting, but it’s a much better idea to use the time I would be reading it to do something for someone else! I also started making a list in my planner this month of little ways I could encourage or reach out to friends and family, and it has helped me stay focused on loving people and not to let good ideas be forgotten!


This is so beautifully written, I love this for so many reasons. Great post and great message <3


I completely agree with you, Carly. All of these tragedies break my heart and I have shed a good amount of tears recently. We can’t do anything to predict or stop these tragedies from happening, but like you said, we can at least spread kindness and positivity into the world! Beautiful post!

Kalina | Simply Semisweet


What a lovely post. I definitely think a little bit of positivism each day is a step in the right direction toward a better place. I love doing some sort of random act of kindness each day – I love that you paid for the coffee of other people behind you!