A Day in the Life Vlog

I’m finally able to get back to posting! I knew that there would be the risk of “down time” switching from Blogger to WordPress… but I think I was a little naive about just how huge of an update this was going to be. Everyone kept reminding me, “you knew this could happen!” Which, yes, I totally did know it was a possibility but I was, like, “but I don’t want it to happen!”

Well, thanks for sticking with me the past few days as we sorted out the backend. We’re completely good to go and (fingers crossed) shouldn’t run into any kind of problems. The relief is tremendous! I think the worst part for me was that I had very little control over what was happening. I couldn’t even get into my dashboard to update anything or tweak anything, and worse!, blog anything.

I’m unbelievably appreciative of your support over the past few days. The excited Tweets and Snaps kept me going when I was very frustrated and the emails with bugs and suggestions have been crucial in creating a really user-friendly website. (Seriously, you’ve sent me things I hadn’t even thought of! Thank you!!!!!) Keep the suggestions and tweaks coming!

So in the midst of all the new-blog craziness, I shared a vlog on Youtube that I filmed last week. Literally every day for me is different. (And sometimes days go completely different than I expected, like this week!) But I thought last Thursday was the perfect day for filming as I was hosting a meet and greet in the city.

Let me know what you think. I really want to start doing more video content so if you have a suggestion for a type of video you’d like to see me do, leave the suggestion in a comment!

Questions I’ve gotten from the video already:

– Filmed with Canon G7

– The navy robe is from Kate Spade (c/o)

– The blue/white shirt is from Vineyard Vines

– This is the steamer I used

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It has been so fun getting to see snippets of your new site as it struggled to load but I loved poking around on here today and seeing all the new—and old!

I love the video content and am excited you want to do more. I love watching “routine” videos as Meghan mentioned above, a tour of your new apartment would be really fun, and I loooove “what’s in your bag” videos. Basically anything where we get to be SUPER nosy is fun!

Monica Pendlington

Well, I watched the vlog so I could continue procrastinating and I don’t feel like a single minute was wasted.

Maybe since you’re cooking more, you could do a cooking vlog?


What style do you get at Blushington? Also maybe a non-work day day in the life would be a cool video to do!


I just asked for the regular face application… and kind of mixed a few of the styles together. I’ve gone a few times and really you can ask for whatever you want. I always pull a photo up on Pinterest instead of the lookbook!


Hi Carly,

Loving the new website so much. If looks so so good but I’ve noticed that your posts are no longer pushing to Feedly. Just wanted to give you the heads up because I’m sure there are many more voracious blog readers like myself experiencing the issue. Thanks!


Those soup dumplings looked amazing! I haven’t had them in forever and your video made me want them so badly.


We are addicted to them! Definitely the #1 thing we miss about living in NYC…. even though it’s kind of a pain to get to, we always go whenever we’re in the city!!!


I love it! I think it’s a really great balance of both the normal everyday parts of your life (work, morning routine) and the more glamorous side (dry bar and the meet and greet)! Good job, Carly ?

I can’t wait to see more!


Aw, thank you!! I’m really excited for the new changes and glad you are too!


I love how much you are expanding your content! Your first vlog was amazing and I loved getting a peek into what a day can be like! Can’t wait to see more!


Hi Carly, I loved the video!! I can’t wait to see more, maybe one with the process of how you come up with a blog post start to finish? They just always look so amazing!

Also I was wondering what the name of the song is in the beginning of the video?? It’s been stuck in my head all day!


I absolutely loved this! Great job on the filming and editing. I would love to see more of these in the future!! Also, your new website is PHENOMENAL!!


Um, this is amazing! And tell me we’re going to be able to buy those insanely cute CP key fobs?? 🙂


Hi Carly! I’m loving your new site, and also enjoyed watching the vlog! I always like when bloggers actually post about videos on their blog. I am not a regular YouTube user, so I never remember to check for new videos if there isn’t an actual notice of it, if that makes sense- but I will always watch when I know there’s a new one! Keep up the great work!


This is such a cute video, Carly! You did such a great job, I’d love to see more videos like this! Also, I’m totally in love with your new site! So gorgeous! Xx Lucy-Claire /


Oh my gosh, I have that steamer and I had no idea how to use it so thank you for that snippet! I loved this video!

You posted a snapstory showing how you curl your hair (it may have been “next day hair”) so a YouTube video of that process would be great!


Hi Carly!
What restaurant are you guys at during the end of the vlog?! Looks fun!