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Fall Staple: The Black Cashmere Sweater

I say this every fall, but I love a good sweater. Growing up in Florida, sweaters were never really necessary. But I’d still pore over the “back to school” catalogs, wishing I could run down a street lined with red-leafed trees to the school bus in a cute sweater. The first thing I did when I went to school in DC was to start my sweater collection… and it’s only grown since. I have all kinds of sweaters now (it’s really a border-line problem), but my favorites are cashmere. It is the ultimate luxury fashion item. Not only do they look chic and elevate any outfit (even a pair of jeans!), it feels like a hug.

I’m partnering with Uniqlo in today’s post to share their crewneck cashmere sweater. It’s 100% cashmere… and under $80. It comes in 13 different colors, but the black is a classic that no one will regret. Because it’s cashmere, it’s super soft!

Carly Heitlinger

More often than not, I wear my cashmere sweaters casually with jeans. I’ll wear sneaks for a super casual look, ballet flats when I want to look cute but comfortable, and even heels to dress it up a little for a date night. (I’m sure the sweater will be incorporated into other outfit posts throughout the fall/winter, so be on the lookout!)

For this outfit, though, I wanted to have a work-appropriate outfit. I usually go for easy to wear dresses when I have meetings to attend… but what to do when it’s a little chilly?!

Affordable Cashmere

I found the cashmere crewneck to fit true to size. (I’m wearing the XS.) It’s slim enough to wear on its own, to tuck into pants/skirts if you desire, and to wear under blazers/coats. But you could also totally pull off a button down underneath too.


I’m the worst offender of wearing head-to-toe black when I’m unsure of what to wear. You really just can’t go wrong, especially in NYC where all-black is the unofficial (or you know what? maybe it is official) uniform.

Uniqlo Cashmere

Carly the Prepster

Sweater (c/o) // Tie-Waist Pants // Tortoiseshell Clutch // Heels // Similar Necklace

While we’re on the subject, if you’re not familiar with Uniqlo, it’s a wonderous retailer. I always pop into the store when I walk by in NYC because you never know what you’re going to stumble upon. They have some trendier items and a whole lot of practical staples, all at amazing prices. I wanted to round up some of their other cashmere pieces that I think you’ll too: Cashmere Blended Stand Collar Coat, Crewneck Cardigan, Turtleneck, and the Scarf. PS Their Heattech collection is a lifesaver during the winter.

Thank you Uniqlo for sponsoring this post!

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This is my absolute favorite outfit you’ve posted in a while. BRB ordering these gorgeous pants and copying your look. I’ve been in such an office-wear rut, so thank you for the inspiration! xo

Rachael Draper

You got be hooked on uniqlo! Their jean leggings are AMAZING and only $30, I have them in black, white, and dark wash.


I have the v-neck cashmere sweaters from Uniqlo in 7 different colors…literally. I LOVE them and find the quality is equal to, if not better than, sweaters double the price. Mine have also lasted for years and I don’t necessarily keep up with dry cleaning (oops).


Those pants look fantastic on you! You pull off that style so well! P.S. I would take this look to Paris 🙂


I LOVE this outfit. It’s pretty much the classier version of my regular uniform. I have an event to attend soon and this will be perfect.

Kim from 3 peanuts

I am wearing my favorite black cashmere sweater today with black pants for a talk I am giving, I love a camel one too. These are my uniform in cold weather. Classic, chic and comfortable. You look great!


You look so good in this outfit, Carly! I love the monochromatic look on you.

I’ve had really great luck buying cashmere off of Poshmark, and have a huge collection now. It’s another good resource for affordable cashmere!


I LOVE this look! Have been eyeballing that clutch for so long. Might ask for it for xmas


This outfit is one of my favorites of the year, I have to say. You look SO sophisticated and put together, all the details are gorgeous, but it is still wonderfully understated. Hello, ELEGANT!! Your content has been as refreshing as ever this season, living for it and loving it 💕


It always amazes me when most people I know have never heard of Uniqlo! There’s a store near me in Philly that I pop into all the time, I always find the best basics there!


I’m so happy to see that you linked the Uniqlo coat! I just bought it recently in Paris in navy blue as my ‘first job’ present to myself and I love it so so much!

Brigid Devney-Rye

This is a fantastic look. I don’t think I could pull it off but it sure looks good on you. BTW I love the new photo of you on your blog home page (in the cute dress with the bow at the collar). Honestly, could you be any cuter, prettier, friendlier?