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Recreating an Oldie

I was searching on Pinterest for some outfit ideas, as one does, when I stumbled on this old photo of me. This remains one of my favorite all-time looks and I wear it at least a few times every fall. It’s crazy to think that this photo is six years old. Even though I’m turning 30 in less than a year, I somehow get carded every time I go out (even if no one else is)… but man, that 23-year-old in this photo looks VERY young.

I don’t love all of the outfits I’ve worn over the years– you live and you learn, right?– but this one stands the test of time! I still have everything but the jeans, which were something like $38 from Nordstrom and eventually had been washed one time too many.

Carly Prepster Fair IsleHere’s how you can recreate it:

BARBOUR BEADNELL // I’m wearing the navy in this photo

(I also love the quilted version!)

FAIR ISLE SWEATER // My sweater is from Brooks Brothers (2012), but there’s a lot of great styles available today. I also think fair isle is totally worth searching for in thrift stores and online resellers!

Lands End also has a bunch of styles, I couldn’t get the widget for it to work. 

SKINNY JEANS // Wear your favorite pair 😉

BLOUSE // Mine is originally from J. Crew. I can’t find an exact copy, but any button down should do the trick!

BOOTS // My mom bought these Tory Burch boots for me during my freshman year of college (sooooo…10 years ago) and I still love them!

BAG // I like the pop of color the bag provides!

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This is everything I love about your style, the fact that what you wear now looked great six years ago and will look great six years from now. I love that you stick to the classics, fair isle and tory burch riding boots will never go out of style.


I would have liked to see an actual recreation of the outfit, but I like this idea of recreating outfits from the past that you still enjoy today. Another post that I’d find interesting is your critique of old outfits that you don’t like anymore and how your sense of style has changed since then.


I remember when you originally posted this outfit! Cannot believe that it’s been 10 years.

I love looking at certain items in my closet and knowing I bought it over 5+ years ago! Some things are just timeless ( & ageless!)

xo, Taylor


Love the recreation you did on Instagram! You’ve barely changed at all in 6 years! You have such classic style that I’m sure you’ll still be wearing a lot of the same outfits years from now 🙂

Alyssa | Between Fox and Hare