Fall Staples

I know, I know… The never ending summer. (But I’m also a realist and know it will end no matter how much I wish it wouldn’t.) Because these temperatures won’t last forever, I really suggest getting these four staples now. (Really, I wouldn’t wait… these things tend to get backordered by the time you actually need it.)
Shop now, tuck away, enjoy your summer, but you’re also prepared for that first crisp, fall day.

PS The herringbone puffer vest is back and in stock!

PPS I also think loafers are going to be huge this year. I love the way these look and you can’t go wrong with Bass.

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Amy S.

Do you prefer the 6" or 8" bean boots?

I want to snag some before they sell out even though I won't be able to wear them for quite some time down in Texas!


I agree about ordering now and putting away until cooler temps to avoid the dreaded back order until Feb 2015 or Sold out! Lol!! How do you find the Barbour coat fits? Debating if I should order true US size 6 or go up to 8. Thanks!


It depends on how much you're going to be layering. I prefer a looser fit and you can add more sweaters that way 😉

Gigi @ Dolce and Gabriella

So sad that fall is coming, but you're right–I just looked at the calendar and realized I only have days left until I leave for school again. Crazy. Your suggestions for fall clothes are great. Riding boots are timeless! I too am feeling the loafers for this season. I actually have a pair from Sperry similar to the ones you linked to…they still look great after 4+ years of abuse from me.

Love, Gigi
Dolce and Gabriella

kayla paxton

I am so beyond in love with bean boots and puffer vests! I wish I could afford the puffer vest from jcrew, but I'll probably have to wait for them to come back at Old Navy. Fingers crossed!


Beautiful outfits! I am so jealous of that Barbour coat. This makes me so pumped for fall- especially since I just got my herringbone vest in the mail last week. Wahoo!


Taylor Hoffman

I agree, I don't want summer to end but I must say that I love fall!! I love these staple outfits, cannot wait to slip on my riding boots and vests!!

xo, Taylor

P.S You look beautiful in these photos!


I absolutely love Fall – my most favorite season of all! I saw that vest last year at J.Crew and loved it. Funny about the Bean Boots because there was just a discussion post about them over at The Daily Prep the other day. Since they are functional staples, I really wouldn't worry too much about it though.


I totally agree Carrie! You should post less often so that you can provide higher quality posts when you do. A little constructive criticism never hurt anyone, Carly!

Audrey Lin

I saw a herringbone puffer vest look-alike at UNIQLO once. It was very thin, but very insulating. Because of the material (I forget what it was exactly), for me, as a high school student who didn't bring enough money that day, I thought it was too pricey, but now I really regret not getting it! Ahh I've been on a search for it ever since. Another thing I really liked about the material was that even if you got it dirty, you could wipe it right off–very low maintenance! UNIQLO still sells vests like that, but not in the same pattern. I mostly just see solid colors. Anyways, autumn is my favorite season ever! Love your cozy outfits 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's