Your End of Summer Bucket List

I’m putting my foot down… I refuse to let summer end. I’m seriously trying to come up with ways to petition Mother Nature for an #endlesssummer. This summer has been one of my favorites since childhood and I really just want it to last forever. What better way than to check some things off of a summer bucket list? Better late than never! (Plus, it’ll extend that “summertime” feeling!) Maxie put together a great list that’s actually doable!
Your End of Summer Bucket List
by Maxie McCoy
Some of my favorite memories have come during summertime. I had my first kiss on a freshly cut lawn in Texas one super hot June night. My favorite memories of family vacations growing up were always in the middle of July. I saw my favorite band play for the first time under the hot August sun. 
You probably have memories just like this too because there’s simply nothing like summer. Even as a grown woman who doesn’t get summers off anymore, that warm air and scorching day carries a special sentiment. While going back to school, back to the grind, or back to the cool autumn looms over your head, there’s still enough time to fit in a few summertime musts.
Relish the days we have left of this summer, and don’t let August dwindle without finishing this End of Summer Bucket List:
Ride a bike – I know, you probably haven’t done this since your parents took of your training wheels about 15 years ago. But riding your bike, a Citibike, a rented tourist bike, is so fun. With the air breezing by your face, seeing the tucked away sights of your city, there’s nothing like a Saturday morning bike ride to feel like you’re making the most of your summer moments.
Watch the sunset – Have you done this lately? Because you absolutely cannot miss taking in the last views of a sunset in August. Mixed with so many vibrant colors and surrounded by the fading heat of the day, you’ll be able to slow down long enough to say YES to summer.
Buy a new journal or planner – my favorite part of summer ending is school supply shopping. It’s an amazing excuse for a fresh start. Buy your favorite journal or planner, one that makes you all gooey thinking about writing in it. And before you get swept away in the craze of fall, take an hour to write down in this new journal or planner what you want to accomplish by the end of 2014.
Take a vacay or staycay – Don’t let summer get away from you without properly taking the time to relax. Get out of the country, or lock yourself in your apartment for a staycation, whatever you do give yourself some time to stop working, stop thinking, and just have a slow few days to get ready, goal set or have a scandal marathon. Need some ideas of where to go? Try these.
Go to a concert – I’ll never forget seeing a country concert with a guy I was madly in love with one hot summer night in Texas. Summer concerts are one of life’s greatest treasures. You’ll never forget the people you went with, the music you heard, or the joy you felt. Find a last minute ticket and sing the night away!
Visit your local farmers market – Between the world’s juiciest fruits right now and floral colors that will perk you right up, find a farmers market near you and take a stroll. Buy a nectarine, treat yourself to flowers, pick up an iced coffee, and revel in what nature looks like during the summer.
With a bucket list like this, you’ll end your summer in an unforgettable way. Squeeze every last bit of joy out of this month so that come Labor Day weekend, you’re ready to take on the close of the year.

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I love this list! A definite must to still embrace the last few weeks of summer we have left. I can't believe it is over all ready. But I am so excited for school to start back up that its a happy sad.

Annie Belle

B. L. J.

I'm definitely adding staycation to my summer bucketlist because even when I'm supposed to be at home relaxing I'm busy working!

Katherine L

I love going to farmers markets or antique markets in the summer. As you know, living in northern climates, it's hard to find local fresh fruit a lot of the time, so it's great to take advantage of it while you can. Currently so excited for the niagara peaches!



Thank you for a little reminder of things to do or that I'm looking forward to doing. I could use a new journal for sure. Everything else, CHECK! Most excited for two more wknds in Amagansett, one wknd on Fire Island, Kings of Leon/30 Seconds to Mars concert and my upcoming trip to Tokyo. (new post today)

Vi Nguyen

Great list! According to it, I have two more things I need to complete:
I need to get a few biking sessions in…I bought a pretty bicycle last year but sadly have not been able to ride it this summer.
I have seen multiple sunsets the beginning of the season but it'll be nice to get those last few ones in.
My Kate Spade planner is hopefully on its way to me now via mail! Super excited!
I have a couple of mini vacations coming up in the next two months so looking forward to those!
I went to 2 summer concerts…definitely memorable indeed.
I don't think I've been to a farmer's market this season…but those are so fun to take in the sights and scenes of all the colorful fruits and flowers.


This reminded me of a couple of bucket list type things you've posted! Like your new years resolutions for 2013 ( How did those work out? I can't seem to find all of the posts but maybe I'm messing up something with the search. And whatever happened to your 25 before 25 ( Isn't your birthday coming up soon? I thought that was such a great idea, but I don't remember hearing about it lately.