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I just have to pop over today to share some fashion PSAs. 
Barbour coats are on sale! This rarely happens… so if you’re in the market for a new Barbour coat, now is the time! If you’re curious, they’re pretty forgiving size-wise. I wear the US2 so it’s a bit more form fitting when zipped up, but you could easily go up a size for a more casual “borrowed from the boys” look.

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Bean Boots are already backordered! If you want a pair of Bean Boots for this winter, you should order ASAP. The backorder isn’t too long yet (mid-October from what I can tell), but soon it will be too late. (You don’t want to have to wait until MARCH to get them!) They run big. I would recommend going down a full size, even if you wear thick socks. I have the six inch boots which are the perfect height for me, but if you’re taller than 5’6″ I would go with the eight inch boots.

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J. Crew’s cable knits are back in stock! I’ve been crossing my fingers that the regular cable knits would come back this year and they did!! I definitely placed an order immediately to replace one of mine that has seen better days and to get a few new colors and styles. They come in great colors and various styles this year… kinda want them all if we’re being honest.

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Great, classic pieces.

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Nicole Savery

I'm about to order a Barbour jacket from the Nordstrom sale and I'm torn between the Beadnell and the Utility Jacket! Which do you recommend for a first Barbour purchase?


Thought I'd give some advice on sizing since I have a few Barbours and have been wearing them for years. I'd definitely recommend sizing up. I'm 115 lbs and 5'7 and wear a US 6 in the Beadnell. Also for Bean Boots, I wear the kids size. I am typically a womens size 8 and can fit into a kids size 6, perfectly.

Katelyn May

I've been lusting over a Barbour jacket, but I think I'll just stick to purchasing a J.Crew Field jacket because I'm utterly in love with it! LOL about the bean boots though because last year I purchased mine in the summer so I could get them on time and now everyone in my school has been dying for them (I think I'm a little bit of a trendsetter!) and everyone is complaining that they are so backordered! Since it's October I've just begun wearing them and I forgot how much I loved them! I have the navy eight inch and they are perfect!

Xoxo, Kate //

Mishala Bryant

Wow! I never even knew what those jackets were called. I have one and I just call it a military jacket that I found for like $5 on a clearance rack at a store I honestly hate LOL! But I definitely want to invest in another one and I'm not too sure how I feel about the boots. I like feminine boots and the Bean boots are just a little too grungy for me. That sweater is life though! I'll definitely try finding one thats more price say for my budget lol. Overall, great article!