Father’s Day & Henley Update

As you guys know by now, most of my posts are scheduled since I’m overseas. I completely forgot to schedule a Father’s Day post!!! Don’t worry, I did get to send Soccer Dad a text message to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

This is one of my favorite favorite favorite pictures of my dad and me! He wore a Lilly tie to my graduation and it matched the dress I wore to the graduation family dinner.

Here’s a quick update on the Henley Tour 2010:

  • Marlow Regatta (2ks): 3rd on Saturday!
  • Marlow Regatta (1ks): 2nd on Sunday!
  • We already qualified for Henley so we don’t have to go through the qualifier!!!

Here we are standing on the sides of the course at Dorney Lake. It’s the site for the 2010 Olympics for rowing and kayaking events! How awesome is it that we can say we ROWED on the course!

The course is amazing!

Can’t wait for the next update for yall!


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You and your dad are too cute! Your trip for Henley is looking like it's so much fun! So jealous, I could use a trip out of the country for a little…