Guest Post- Polo

I’m so excited to be guest posting for Carly here today, she has one of my favorite blogs around!

When Carly asked if I would post about riding and showing horses, I nearly jumped out of my skin to hug her. I’ve been riding for 10 years, and still am like that 7 year old horse crazy kid, just less annoying (hopefully).

I decided to instead of bore you all to death with specific equestrian things, I’d talk about the real sport of royalty – polo.

For starters, we have some of the most attractive athletes of the male gender. (You can thank me later.)

Yeah, told you so. I mean, this is the same sport that our favorite prince’s Harry and William and rather incredible at (no, really, at actually playing, not just looking that way, although that works too). Not to mention, the sport is actually amazing to watch. It takes incredible skill (yours truly took one or two lessons once upon a time, and was a great failure, although it’s something I’d love to try again).

One of my favorite parts about it though is the jerseys. They are after all, polos, and they are more widely available than one might think. You can pick up Black Watch (one of the premiere teams) polos and apparel from Ralph Lauren (I’m dying for one of the women’s polos personally).

If you want to drool more over some of the amazing things surrounding polo, you should definitely read up on Polo Magazine. It’s worth 20 minutes of your time.

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Preppy Perfectionist

I looooveee watching Polo, simply because the guys are gorgeous! I lived right next door to a polo player when I was at school this past year, I just need to convince him to date me! Haha! xoxo


I love Polo, my family and friends used to spend every Easter at Polo matches, nowadays I get my Polo fix when driving to Wellington for Horse Shows and seeing the sexy shirtless Polo guys practicing 🙂