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Faux Fur Vest

I have a slight addiction to Little Black Dresses. It’s funny because I used to refuse to wear black ever because of my pale skin. (In seventh grade, a boy told me I looked “like a vampire” when I wore a black sweater to school. I kid you not, I never wear black clothing without hearing his stupid voice in my head while I’m getting dressed.) Luckily, I discovered the magic of bronzer that can add at least a bit of definition to my cheeks and a smidge of a (fake) sun-kissed glow.
Also… I’m one of those girls who stands in front of the closet, staring at a lot of clothes, and declares that I simply have “nothing to wear.” For context, the other day, I was running late for something and seriously couldn’t figure out what to wear. I informed Garrett, “Just to warn you, I’m about to go into my ‘nothing to wear’ mode.” His response was, “Is that when you pull everything out of your closet and pile it on the bed?” Why yes…. yes, that is exactly what it is.
Enter the LBD. There’s a reason why everyone says you need one (or two) in your closet. I always feel so chic and put together when wearing a simple, black dress. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a number of LBDs. So much so that I put myself on a ban from buying anymore. Whoops, just realized I bought this one this week!!!

I’ve determined that if you really committed to it, you could wear the same little black dress to every single party this holiday season and accessorize in a different way; a scarf, a big statement necklace, or… a faux fur vest!
I have been looking everywhere for the perfect faux fur vest. I’m serious. I’ve been wanting one forever, but I would always find something wrong with it. Either it was real fur, the wrong color, too long, too boxy, too fluffy, or itchy. I had a serious vision for the type of vest I wanted and I just couldn’t find it anywhere.
The pressure was really on last week because I needed a vest to complete an outfit I was shooting for Sorel and Teen Vogue. I gave myself two hours, a $200 budget, and a 20 block radius to find one. Old Navy had a great one for little girls and I was tempted to try the XXL, but the only store with it in stock was an hour long subway ride away. I went to every store I could think of around my neighborhood, including The Children’s Place, that’s how intense the search became.
I went to Banana Republic at the beginning of my search, but I overlooked the vest because it was tucked away on a random shelf. Luckily, my original mission had “failed” and I went back to Banana Republic to get this scarf as a backup plan. I decided to walk the store one more time (remember, I am my mother; she obsesses over finding exactly what her “vision” is) and there it was!!
The perfect faux fur vest, everything that I wanted.
Photos by Bekka Palmer
Faux Fur Vest // Drop Waist Dress (sold out in black, this is a similar option) // J. Crew Heels (this pair and this pair are similar) // Goldbug Bee Earrings (c/o) // Sweet & Spark Bracelet (c/o)
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If you look like a vampire in black you sure look like a cozy and chic one! I love that dress, and the fur vest looks so soft! 🙂 I've been trying to find a great fur vest so I'll have to check out Banana.


It does, but it's not a super form fitting vest so you could go down a size for a more fitted look or up a size if you wanted a relaxed, looser look!

A Peachy Sonder

I absolutely LOVE that vest!! I've been on the fence about getting a "fur" vest and you may have just given me the push I needed – you have styled it so well! Thanks for sharing!


I actually love how you styled the vest; I'm not a huge fan of faux fur anything, but it really completes this look. And those shoes!



Love this look! I love faux fur vests and they really are very hard to find but it's so satisfying when you find just the right one!


Maddie Hammond

I feel you! Once, I wore a black workout top and black workout capris at the same time, and was asked if I was a devil worshipper!

I wear black all the time now, even with my pale skin, but I totally understand that voice in your head, I always hear a similar one.