Burt’s Buzz

Bah! Okay, you guys know I love documentaries, right? (Here’s the list of my favorites!) Well, this Burt’s Buzz documentary has been on my radar for quite some time. I used to watch the trailer every now and then and almost bit the bullet to rent the documentary for $7 on iTunes a handful of times. Patience is a virtue though. It’s finally on Netflix!
I squealed when I saw it because I typically scroll through thinking I’ve seen them all. I was a good girlfriend and waited to watch it until Garrett was home from work because he love documentaries as much as I do.
The film did not disappoint. Burt’s Bees along with Venus Razors are the two beauty products I’ve been buying the longest… since middle school! I tend to have at least six of the balms in my apartment at any given moment. There’s always one in my handbag (even if I’m carrying a clutch at night) and there’s always one on my nightstand. And we use the shampoo for little Teddy!
I always wondered whether Burt was real and he certainly is. He has a very interesting and entertaining story. The film is slow and carefully reveals Burt’s past and his quirky personality. What’s most interesting is the background on how the company was started in the first place and what Burt’s role in the company is now. (A tiny spoiler: this is the real “drama” in the film as there’s a somewhat romantic relationship involved!)
My favorite part? Burt’s relationship with his beloved dog Rufus! Melted my heart.
With colder weather heading our way soon, it’s the perfect excuse to cozy up and watch!

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Mrs. Mason Dixon

Burt's dog shampoo is great! I use the itch soothing kind for my labradane since he plays in the grass so much. This documentary is next on my list!


Juliet Terrill

I love all of your documentary suggestions! And I also have an off-topic question. If you were to choose one bag, or one size of a bag, which one do you think would work best for a college student? Thanks!


I'm always in the market for new documentaries. Your suggestions are usually spot-on. 🙂 Thanks for the recommendation!

Kaitlin Olivero

Oh my goodness – must see! Thanks for the head's up that it is on Netflix. My boyfriend is a Burt's Bees addict in the most intense way, haha, so this is a great movie night idea! 🙂

Kaitlin |