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Three random things for today. I wanted to share these funny little commentaries. Probably too short for a blog post, but they’re too long for Twitter… so I’m lumping them altogether for one post! It’s actually one of the weird things about how blogging has changed over the years. There are so many platforms to share everything; I mostly focus on my blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Even though there are more ways to share than ever before, I feel like the real conversations are dwindling. I personally only like to read blogs when I have a sense of who the blogger is. If the only thing I know is what she wears, it’s just not that appealing. Of course, I love to share my own outfits, but I do hope that you feel like you get to know the “me” behind it all, too!
I’ve been…
drinking a lot of English Breakfast Tea. I love a good cup of coffee. I used to hate it and I would reprimand my mother for her bad Starbucks addiction when I was in high school. Then, naturally, I slowly got hooked in college. I would do half chai tea and half coffee during long nights in the library. Then it was less chai tea and more coffee. Then coffee with lots of milk and sugar. Then a splash of milk. And now I pretty much prefer my coffee dark roasted and black.
With my new Nespresso maker, I make a cup of coffee while I’m getting ready in the morning. But I generally have a meeting in the morning at a coffee shop or restaurant and instead of getting more coffee (bad for the nerves!), I’ve been getting English breakfast tea. It’s the best thing to sip on and I love the way it tastes. It has some caffeine, but not nearly as much as a cup of coffee. I’ll even make the tea at home and just sip it to stay warm when it’s chilly outside. Would love to know if you like drinking coffee, tea, or both!
watching The Good Wife. Where has this been my whole life? It’s not a new show, but I only recently have been hearing the buzz about it. I started watching a few episodes one Saturday night and I immediately got hooked on it. It’s kind of like Grey’s Anatomy, but for lawyers. Like an updated, totally not-cheesy Ally McBeal. I particularly love the show because I think it’s an interesting portrayal of a working mom. I like Alicia’s character a lot. If you’re like me and like to binge-watch shows, this should be next on your list.
listening to too much of Taylor Swift’s 1989. It’s almost constantly on loop on my iTunes. Every song is just catchy. I think I’ve been listening to it too much though because I’ve been having dreams where I meet Taylor Swift, go to Taylor Swift concerts, etc. The other night, I had a dream where I bumped into Taylor in an elevator and took a selfie with her. Creepy, I know. I think this is all part of her marketing team’s strategy. Infiltrate the music industry, infiltrate our minds!!!

Anything good that you’ve been doing/watching/eating/etc-ing lately?

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I used to also be a straight tea gal, but then I got into coffee and also prefer it black/dark roast! I do get odd looks though EVERY time I ask for the barista to not leave any room… (Texans and their sugar/cream!)

You should try Tazo's teas (if you don't already). They always put the most interesting twist on otherwise basic flavors. My favorite "dessert" tea is their cocoa mint mate, and my favorite green tea of theirs is the green ginger flavor.


I love that you enjoy getting to know the blogger behind the blog! I think that's why K & I love your blog so much – it's a perfect mix of style, lifestyle, and inspiration!

P.S. I'm obsessed with 'dirty chai' lattes (chai latte with a shot of espresso or two)! K & I were having one a day for awhile until we drained our bank accounts 😉

xo, B


I've never really been much of a coffee person, just tea! I've never watched that show, but it sounds interesting, especially since you compared it to Grey's, which I absolutely love! lol


Funny thing, I am actually at my desk drinking my first tea cup of the day ! (Paris Time !) If you're into tea I would recommend the Fortnum and Mason Earl Grey. Very good taste and the packaging is so pretty !

lynnh gerber

You have to try 'Lady Grey' from Twinings and is part of their blacktea family! It is even better than the english breakfast tea. Just drink it with a splash of milk and 1,5 spoons of sugar. It is the perfect tea! But I don't know whether you can buy it in the US somewhere.


1- I just recently became a daily coffee drinker again. Having a 10 week old will do that to you! But I love a great cup of tea and a cup of English Breakfast sounds divine. I may just follow suit and add a cup of tea to my routine.
2- The Good Wife is the best show on television. Just wait, the seasons get better and better. My husband likes to watch it with me too!
3- Taylor Swift is on constant repeat in my head.

Obiter Darling

I have also been listening to 1989 on repeat! I just watched the Blank Space video and it is awesome. Such a fun distraction from my university exams!

Monica Giddings

Tea will forever remind me of sitting at my grandmother's kitchen table with the women in my family having "tea and goodies"- usually some Entenmann's pastry. I love the Tazo teas from Starbucks- Earl Grey for caffeine, and Calm for caffeine free. Thanks for this lovely post Carly!

Jessica Browning

I almost always have a cup of tea in the morning and I've been doing that since I was probably about 10 (what was my mom thinking?). I've started drinking English Breakfast again recently and am really liking it. 2 of my personal favorites are Bigelow Earl Greg and Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice, which kind of tastes like red hots. P.S. I think you really do a good job sharing multiple aspects of life with your readers and I really appreciate that and enjoy getting a glimpse of the person "behind the outfit", as it were.

Kaitlin Olivero

I'm a coffee gal through and through, I've never liked too much sugar or sweetness (I've always made it with only a splash of nonfat milk)… but Peppermint Mochas and PSLs are my guilty pleasure!

I'm with ya on T.Swift… I've always been ambivalent about her, but this new album changes EVERYTHING, I don't even recognize my T.Swift lovin' self anymore 😉 Such a good album.

Kaitlin |

Shannon Falzon

Hi, we are basically the same person.

Especially since its (finally) been getting colder in Texas I make it to work and just want to cuddle with my cup of coffee. I will definitelybe using my Keurig a lot more in the mornings. Is the Nespresso machine your first coffee maker? I'm always asking to see what people's favorites Keurig cups are is why I ask!

1985 is amazing…I would just listen to it on loop on 8tracks at work, but once I got a notification I had listened to it too many times in one day…it was time to finally buy the album.

My best friend and I have very similar tastes in the TV shows we watch and she is absolutely HOOKED on the Good Wife right now. A second recommendation may be all that I need to get into it!

And for one of my favorites lately: Serial Podcasts. This is the first podcast that I have ever followed, and I listened to the first one during my work out last night and I cannot wait to listen to the second episode! Its about a murder in 1999 and something just doesn't add up. The buzz is definitely spreading about this one!

Hope you have a great rest of your week!


I agree with you 100% on needing to know who the blogger really is. I stopped following a slew of people for this reason and in turn, I had more time to find people like you! I've been eating….out way too much. haha

26 and Not Counting


I actually love these kind of short musing-type lists! I'm a big tea fan and normally only drink tea not coffee (although as I type this I'm drinking a cup of hazelnut coffee #longnight). I just bought some chamomile tea that I love to have before bed. I've also been listening to 1989 nonstop. Way too good!

– Kelsey


I drink tea pretty much non-stop year round! Coffee has way too much caffeine for me and makes me super jittery, but I love a warm beverage! I make a cup of green tea in the morning, sip peppermint or Earl Grey throughout the day, and have a cup of Celestial Seasonings' Sleepytime tea before bed. You can't beat it!

Taylor Muentener

I love both tea and coffee. You should try earl grey tea too, english breakfast used to be my go to, but now I alternate between the two! I'm also completely obsessed with 1989, I listen to the album on repeat in the library.

Emily Joy

You should try Earl Grey or Lady Grey! I loooove the light fruity flavor. Perfect for after I've already had a cup of coffee AND a cup of English Breakfast 🙂

McKenna Brock

I've been a hardcore coffee drinker since 14 or so (everyone in my family is such a coffee whore; it's ridiculous), but I was dealing with some anxiety for a while and switched to tea because the caffeine was making me too panicky. You should try Earl Grey or Darjeeling. Peppermint is great, too! Irish Breakfast Tea is okay. English Breakfast Tea will always be my favorite. 🙂 It's the only thing I can drink when I have a sore throat!

I totally know what you mean about not really relating to the authors behind some blogs… I've stopped reading some because I just didn't feel like I knew the person enough? I don't know if that makes sense! I hope mine feels as relatable as yours! #fangirlingjustalittle


Victoria Minton

If you like The Good Wife, you should watch How to Get Away with Murder!! Best. Show. Ever!! I have also been obsessed with 1989! I have listened to it non-stop for the past 2 weeks!

Audrey Lin

My friends have told me that I should watch The Good Wife. Maybe I'll start after my second round of mid-terms (the last round before finals!!) 🙂 I can only drink "fake" coffee, i.e. coffee with TONS of milk/cream/sugar/chocolate 😛 Lately I've been trying to be healthy by drinking green tea. It's become a habit, but idk if it has any beneficial effects. Now that I'm in college, I don't have my parents around to drive me places, and the closest Starbucks isn't all that close, so I haven't had coffee for awhile! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

A Peachy Sonder

I love seeing your outfits, but I also love getting to know the you behind the posts! Thanks for always being so genuine and honest- that's becoming more and more of a rarity in the blogging world! I LOVE coffee and tea, my go-to fall beverage is definitely the chai tea latte!

Emily Margaret

I've become addicted to chai tea lately and I *just* purchased a french press. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but it's great for cold and dreary winter mornings.

Ashley Barker

I am literally listening to "New Romantics" from 1989 when I read this. And it put a smile across my face! Taylor's album's are just the best things EVER and this one has been on nonstop too! No shame 🙂
P.S. It is a marketing this. I have the dreams too.. Or maybe she's just awfully cute. Haha