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Why is shopping for jeans SO hard? I always feel like I have an idea in my head of how I want jeans to look and feel and getting there can be such a challenge. Thought I’d round up my most worn jeans. These are the same styles and I linked to as similar of a wash as possible, but I wear my jeans season after season so sometimes the exact pair is no longer available.

MY NUMBER ONE PAIR: These jeans came into my life on a very stressful day in NYC. It’s a long story, but it involved bumper to bumper traffic and getting out of an Uber after spotting a Madewell on the corner so I could buy a more comfortable outfit. Who would have thought that me running into a store just to buy something that fit would end in me finding my favorite pair of jeans? They are, no joke, as comfortable as leggings in my opinion.

They are the 10″ high rise skinny jean, the wash of these are no longer available, but this wash is VERY similar.

DEMI BOOT CUT // This exact pair is no longer available but I’m holding out hope J. Crew brings them back in this wash. For a while I had tried to find, like, a cute non-skinny pair of jeans but I never fully felt like myself. And it was really hard to find a wider leg that was still flattering. This is like the best of both worlds: a little more fitted from the waist to the knee and then tapers into straight leg to the ankle. Madewell has a similar option this year (and I find their jeans pretty comparable nowadays– I know that wasn’t always the case) and J. Crew brought back the style in a darker wash (which I ordered).

SEZANE’S 7/8 SKINNY JEAN // These are what I call “the perfect jeans.” They are so cute– the wash is perfect, the pocket placement is just right, I love where they hit me on my ankle. (I generally have to get jeans hemmed but since these are 7/8 length they fit me more like a regular length.) The fabric doesn’t have much stretch so they’re not “yoga pants comfortable,” but they fit just perfectly and look as good at the end of the day as the beginning of the day.

9″ BLACK JEANS // I had been on such a black pant kick for years and had never committed to finding a good pair of black denim. Now I love my black jeans– I wear them quite a lot during the fall and winter. They definitely look a lot less stuffy than pants and more comfortable to boot– yet still look a bit more sleek than regular denim. I love the rise on these too.

9″ WHITE JEANS // Maybe not surprisingly, my favorite pair of white jeans are the same 9″ fit as the black denim. I do find the white denim to have more stretch than the black, but not so much so that you end up with that dreaded saggy seat at the end of the day.

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My favorites are the Madewell high rise. I bought a second pair of my favorite wash because I wanted them to always be available! My Madewell Roadtrippers have been getting a lot of wear during the pandemic because the are so comfortable.

Do you have a current favorite pair of black pants? Just curious because I have been looking for a good pair and we seem to have similar taste in jeans.


Same. Same.
I made the commitment to buy only Levi’s a few years back and I LOVE them.
My only issue is that I want to try on the jeans before buying because they have major sizing issues as in I can buy 711 in a different wash and the size is different.
711 and 311 for skinny!!!


Sweet! I am on the lookout for new pairs of denim. I have been an AG jeans loyalist but have noticed a drop off in quality. Will definitely be checking out the pairs you recommended


Hi Carly! I also hate shopping for jeans. I’m hoping you can direct me to one of your blogging friends who may have a more similar body shape to me — 5’9″, long legs, a curvy fit (not lean). I love so many of your clothing suggestions but I feel I have a very different body type than you and would love to see somebody else’s recommendations. Thanks!