Favorite Nail Colors for Summer

I have a serious problem with nail polish. I just love experimenting with colors (even though I tend to gravitate to the same ones over and over). And I simply just can’t stand having chips. I always keep the bottle of nail polish of the color du jour in my work bag. If I get a tiny chip during the day, I can just do a quick touch up at my desk. Important work things, of course.

During fall and winter, I feel like we’re pretty limited in the colors that are appropriate for the season. But then, spring rolls around it’s like a whole new world opens up for color! I’m not the biggest fan of “springy” pastels. So you better believe that now that summer is here, I’m going all out when it comes to nail color.

One of the girls I work with has been wearing neon (and I mean neon) pink and I love love love it. I’m officially on the hunt for the best neon colors out there. Feel free to recommend your favorites to me!

While I love to experiment and test out new colors, I thought I’d share some of my go-to colors. The ones that are tried and true!

Eep! I tend to collect the same types of colors… but I promise those reds are actually different shades!
OPI Lucky Lucky Lavender from a recent Instagram
Essie Plaza Sweet // Essie Fun in the Gondola // Essie Geranium

I think between those four, I’m pretty set. They’re bright and fun for summer and go with just about everything that I wear.
Again, I’m up for pretty much anything color-wise during the summer. But I’m not into nail “art.” The most I’d do is paint one nail different, but even then I’m super hesitant. Little paintings and patterns/prints with polish is just not my thing. (Polka dots, however, are an entirely different story!)
Some more colors I’d like to try:
What are your go-to summer colors?

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Milani has a neon line and "Pink Hottie" is a great neon pink – I highly suggest it! And, the brand is super inexpensive and available at any drugstore! Essie also has a neon line out right now and their neon line from last summer was good too!


Try China Glaze "Shocking Pink" if you're looking for a neon! It's my favorite for a pedicure!


China Glaze's "Flip Flop Fantasy" is a superrr bright neon pink – I get compliments on it everytime I wear it!


China Glaze's Pool Party is my absolute favorite! Also I love Essie's Camera, Lights, and Action from last seasons brights collections. I haven't tried this years brights collection, but they look fabulous.

The Yuppie Files

I have a ridiculous number of pinks & reds, so understand when you claim they're different colors. They totally are! I'm enjoying the pastels though & b/c of your blog have signed up for Julep to feed my nail polish addiction.

My claim is that buying my own nail polish is cheaper than weekly mani/pedis 🙂


My favorite neon pink is Spoiled's Tip Your Waitress. It's $2 at CVS! It's on my toes almost non-stop from June to September.

Kate Mitchell

I just put on a dark turquoise (Essie's Go Overboard) and am loving it. I wanted something other than my many shades of pink, and my fabulous little sister was clearly the way to go.



I just did my nails in Fiji last night! I love it for spring/summer and bonus, it makes you look tan 🙂

And I like the way you have them displayed in the glass vase. I might have to steal that idea!