Let There Be White

Sunnies // Top (similar) // Jeans // Shoes // Bag
A sneaky shot from an iPhone on the way back to the office after a quick coffee run. (And a gross, it’s 90 degrees finally, ponytail.)
I finally pulled the trigger and bought a new pair of white jeans. The pair I’ve had since high school has certainly seen better days.
I tried on a bunch of options. (Have I mentioned before how much I dislike shopping for jeans?!) Ultimately I decided on the J. Crew Matchstick jeans. Hello! Perfect jeans for summertime! Yes, I will be wearing these weekly.
I love this white “Afternoon Dress” from Madewell. I think it’d be great for running around the city, don’t you think?
Are you breaking out the white jeans and dresses and shoes now?

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I got the afternoon dress in red and HIGHLY recommend it! Pockets, machine wash, comfy, and versatile!

Olivia Smith

I have a pair of white shorts that I wear all the time. I want to add a pair of white capris or jeans to my wardrobe this summer!



let there be white

(Can we first discuss how it’s already May…. what?!?)
Memorial Day isn’t until the end of the month.  And, yes, there is a “rule” saying you can’t wear white before Memorial Day.
But you know what?  It’s HOT out.  And heat means summer.  And summer means WHITE jeans, shorts, and sandals.  Little V and I have officially pulled our Jack Rogers, white jeans, shorts, and skirts out of storage and have been putting them to good use since Easter.
What goes best with white?  LILLY PULITZER.
It is true, the combination of bright and colorful prints and white Jack Rogers screams summer.
Get the look:
Are you waiting until Memorial Day, or have you already broken out your whites?

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I've worn my white pants since mid-April (oops!) but since most girls at my school wear them year-round, I figure I'm not doing too bad of rule-breaking! I still won't wear white shoes before Memorial Day! XOXO


The "rule" I've always heard is no white before Easter, but with the heat in the south, you have to bend the rules sometimes!


I haven't broken out the white yet, but I can't wait! I try to wait until Memorial day, but I remember when I was little my Mom told me if I just couldn't wait-that after Easter was just fine too!


I've broken mine out! I wore white capris last night with a navy/white shirt…couldn't resist. With sun-kissed shoulders and nose, I couldn't NOT wear white 🙂


It's the most wonderful time of the year! That being said, I just couldn't wait until Memorial Day to pull out my whites. I compare it to pulling out the Christmas decorations right after Thanksgiving, but better.


I saw many people wearing white shorts yesterday so I think I may start wearing my new my white jeans soon.


Well, I wear white shoes after Easter! But I love my white shorts, so I'll probably break those out soon! And I cannot believe it's May either. 🙂


I never follow rules like that. I start wearing white the second it gets warm out.


Most of the white jeans I've tried on have been see-through! Any suggestions of good brands?


In the South we follow the Easter rule instead of the Memorial Day rule, so that gives us an extra month of white, which I love! 🙂


When it's hot and you're in the South Easter is definitely a go-to rule! Broke out the white Jack's and my favorite seersucker dress last Sunday for Easter. I mean who can resist wearing so many wonderful things for one extra month?

Julia Ohaver

I used to follow the "no white before Memorial Day" rule but I think it's become more acceptable to start wearing white on Easter. I pretty much always wear some white on Easter anyway 🙂