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I used to always sleep in random pajamas. Boxer shorts I received as gifts, long pajama pants I bought on a whim, and (of course) t-shirts that I randomly collected over the years. I always had at least one pajama set, but they would sit at the back of my drawer collecting dust.

At some point, I can’t even really pinpoint it; I started wearing matching pajamas to bed. It’s become an obsession of mine, and I can’t imagine going back. It’s not like I’m running around town in my coordinated pajama set and no one actually sees them. But it makes me feel so good to slip into a nice set at the end of a long day. Once the dogs get their last walk of the night, I basically run them up the stairs so I can get out of my clothes! (It’s even better if I take a shower at night and get to put them on right after.)

It’s such a small, little luxury, but I would anecdotally say that I sleep better because of it. I don’t think the pajamas hold any kind of magical power, of course, but it’s for sure a good element of a healthy and calming sleep routine. I have gone through periods of time where I don’t prioritize sleep, and it’s never good in the long run. Even when I feel like I should stay up to finish work, I know those pups are going to wake me up at the crack of dawn and that I NEED to sleep.

Anywayyyyy… I feel pretty strongly about my sleep routine and in addition to a sound machine, blackout shades, time for reading, a cup of sleepytime tea, and a quick round of meditation… a great set of pajamas is part of it.


I definitely have way more pajama sets than one girl needs. It’s a borderline problem, especially when I find a super cozy and soft new pair. There are so many places to find good sets, but my current favorites are:

J Crew Vintage Pajamas

J. Crew Vintage Pajama Set | I think this is the set that really got me obsessed. It’s just a classic, no-fuss pajama set. You can add a monogram too! I wear these a lot.

Eberjey Pajamas

Photos by Carter Fish

Eberjey Shorty Pajamas | These have been my most recent purchase. I got them for this Nordstrom beauty post I did thinking that they would be a perfect “neutral” outfit to wear for it. I had no idea I’d end up loving them as much as I did. They are insanely soft and wash well, too. I feel like I’ve been wearing them the most lately. Super comfortable for the summer months and I have a feeling I’ll end up splurging again on the long sleeve/pant version in the winter.


Striped Short Set | I can only find the shorts online, but you may be able to find the top in stores still. These have a very “Eloise” feeling, which only makes me love them more.

LAKE | I don’t have any photos of Lake pajamas, but OMG they are super super super comfortable. They’re not the most ~flattering~ but trust me when I say they’ll be some of the coziest pajamas you ever buy. The Pima cotton makes the pajamas a must have. I have two pairs and have bought numerous pairs as gifts for friends and family. (I’ve blogged about them before and people have asked questions about the sizing. I’d say that they run true to size and ever-so-slightly shrink after the first wash, but if you’re on the fence about a size I’d recommend going up!)

Photo by Courtney Ann Photography

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Thank you so much for sharing this 🙂 I love pyjamas, even if it’s 3pm I will put them on as soon as my to do list for the day is done. Matching PJs are definitely the best, they make you feel really good about yourself and are kinda cosy!!

Have a great weekend 🙂

Chloe @


Totally agree with you, I love wearing matching sets! And Eberjey makes the comfiest sets ever.

Briana |


Oh how you are a-speakin’ my language. I too love pajama sets maybe a wee bit too much. It’s rather embarrassing how giddy I become over a new set. I’ve even been known to iron them, even if that seems pointless. Classic pajamas will always have my heart.

Alex C

What a fun post! I’m currently where you started at– wearing old tshirts accumulated from my sorority/college events and random shorts or long bottoms that have just sort of piled up. I always feel like I can’t justify splurging on something I just wear to sleep, but I think you’re onto something here; putting on a coordinated set of jammies before your bedtime routine seems like such a treat! I think I make finally take the plunge and buy myself a set 🙂


You know, only just a few weeks ago I was inspired to buy a matching pj set after getting jealous of yours in your Paris pictures. It’s winter here, so I went for one of Trenery’s long sleeved & pant organic cotton sets, and I have hardly taken them off since!


You absolutely HAVE to try the Cosabella matching set pajamas!! If you love matching sets and Pima Cotton, the Cosabella sets are the way to go!