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I love sharing my favorite beauty products on here… mostly because I always LOVE the comments that these posts generate. I love researching and testing out the products you all recommend. (Confession: I still need to try out the dry shampoos you listed. I don’t think about it until it’s the morning of a day I don’t want to wash my hair, ha.)
Over the years, I’ve turned into quite the shower snob. I LOVE taking showers and would take three a day if I had the time. I have always maintained that I do my absolute very best thinking while showering. I kind of just love having my own little space and letting my mind wander. Those fifteen minutes every morning are the best.
I don’t really know what happened, but I kind of turned into this crazy person who hoards bath products. I’ll try everything and anything… and most days I use at least four separate products, if not more. (Not sure if that’s normal or not…) I like to switch things up depending on my mood. Here’s what is currently been in rotation:
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Aveeno Stress Relief Body Wash // I think I first got this body wash in high school. It’s been one of those products that I buy again and again. Aveeno is great on the skin so it’s one of my go-tos for when I have any kind of irritation, like dry skin or a sunburn. The stress relief factor is on the “meh” side, it’s not going to cure your blues or wipe away the anxiety, but the lavender scent is quite nice!
Fresh Sugar Lychee Bath and Shower Gel // A new favorite, this is a pretty simple bath wash. It’s very light and refreshing both in texture and smell. If you’re looking for something that’s nice without being overpowering or gimmicks, I recommend this one!
Molton Brown // OKAY, if you haven’t tried Molton Brown, you have to. ASAP. It’s a slippery slope, but one that is well worth the ride. My mom has the whole family obsessed. The Black Peppercorn is my absolute favorite. It’s a really powerful scent in the best possible way. It’s the perfect balance between masculine and feminine. 
Jack Black Turbo Wash // This is Garrett’s favorite right now. It’s very, very minty. It might not be for everyone as it makes your skin tingle a bit in a wow-I-feel-really-clean kind of way. Great for feeling awake and energizing in the morning. It’s supposedly a great body wash for post-workouts too because of the juniper berry.
Clear Shampoo // If I had to choose one shampoo it would be this one. I have sensitive skin and this is just too great for scalps and hair alike. I don’t know if I believe that a healthy scalp means healthy hair… but if I can have a healthy scalp and clean hair, I’m in.
Dove Shampoo // Rejoice for the fluffiest, softest hair… ever. I bought this when I saw it on sale one day. Hooked ever since. I have super thick hair, so this shampoo is borderline “too much” fluff for me. But if I know I need to extend the time between hair washes, I’ll use this!
Fresh Shampoo // Fresh is one of my favorite lines for all things beauty (the skin care line is top notch) and the shampoo is no exception. It smells amazing!!! Also, not going to lie, I love the packaging. It looks pretty in the shower 😉
African Black Soap // In addition to my face and body, I wash my face in the morning in the shower. Last summer someone told me that the ONLY thing she used for her face was black soap. I have to say, this stuff is incredible Smells so nice and works so well on my face. If I’m in a rush, I’ll just use the soap. Otherwise I’ll use this sponge or my Clarisonic if I’m having a bad skin day.
St. Ives Scrub // A classic that I’ve been a fan of since seventh grade. I think every girl in my grade used this after our gym class. It was a “must have” then and I’d still consider it one now. It’s such a gentle scrub and if I’m in the mood to exfoliate, it’s my first choice.
Kneipp Herbal Bath // In addition to showers, I love a good bath. Especially now that it’s freezing outside! It’s the best way to get warm. And if I’m having a really bad day, there’s nothing better than a good soak. This herbal bath is ahhhhh-mazing. I pour about half the bottle in for full effect. It turns the water bright blue which I found bizarre at first, but it’s so worth it!

What are your favorite products? Anyone else love taking baths/showers as much as I do?

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I must admit I too consider myself to be a bathroom product hoarder, one of these days I won't be able to take a shower without knocking over a bath product….but I can't resist the need of feeling luxurious! Definitely contemplating on trying the Fresh Sugar Lychée Bath and Shower Gel 🙂

Brendy Beauty

I love the Kneipp Herbal Bath! I only just discovered it in a beauty subscription box and it was the Eucalyptus one for colds, but it's just divine. It smells like the inside of a bliss spa.


So funny, I my post today on my blog is about my favorite products from Lush! Special bath products can make an everyday shower feel luxurious so I enjoy indulging in different shower gels and shampoos. Right now I'm loving Lush's Olive Branch shower wash. Also the Dove winter care body wash has been doing wonders for my skin this winter.

– Kelsey

McKenna Lee Brock

My dermatologist actually told me that St. Ives scrub is terrible for skin! I used to use it all the time, but apparently it's way too harsh on your skin and can do more damage than good! I've found microdermabrasion scrubs work wonders, though. The one I use every now and then is by Derma E.

Allie Abroad

In regards to the healthy scalp healthy hair skepticism, I used to be in the same boat as you Carly. However, when I was diagnosed with lupus, I began losing handfulls and handfulls of hair each time I washed and brushed my hair and began looking for solutions. I tried out Nioxin, which is created to help reduce hair loss based on the premise of taking care of your scalp in order to allow for healthier hair. AND IT WORKED 🙂

So for anyone who has a thinning hair concern, I would give this a go. After a few times of use I noticed a reduction in the amount of hair that fell out in the shower and now I am back at the normal amount falling out as I had before I had lupus.


Jack Black body wash is amazing – if you haven't tried their chap stick you definitely should, the black tea scent is my favorite. I'm the same I have 4 different shampoos, a few body washes and face washes, etc. and I definitely plan on checking out some of the products you listed!


Audrey Lin

Because I'm a competitive swimmer, I shower in the gym on most days and don't have time to luxuriate in the shower. Maybe once I graduate from college and get my own place I can start having baths and spa nights! I've always wanted to try Lush products 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

Cate Lehr

Definitely try out Lush African Paradise body conditioner! It smells amazing and you just put it on at the end of your shower, rinse the excess and get out with amazing moisturized skin!