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I wanted to share an interview I did today with Meg Biram. On any given week I do between 25 and 30 interviews for other blogs. Because I tend to get asked similar questions, I don’t share them all as it would be a bit redundant and boring… but this one is different!
Meg has a series on her blog called GSD (stands for Get Sh!t Done) where she interviews all kinds of interesting people. It’s fascinating to read and see how everyone works and you can’t get through an interview without picking up one new tip or thinking about one aspect of your work life differently. I was really honored to be asked to participate… and I just had to share it with you!
I don’t have a fancy office space to work in right now… a simple desk (on sale) in the tiniest nook of my apartment suffices. Maybe one day I’ll live in a space bigger than a shoe box… ha.
Swing by Meg Biram’s blog to read the interview!

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I love that you make your space work for you! This was one of my favorite interviews to date 🙂 And like I said on Twitter, glad I'm not the only one who schedules/reminds myself to paint my nails!

26 and Not Counting

Colleen Dwyer

I love this! Your blog has truly been an inspiration for me to only take on things (jobs, relationships) that only have my best interests at heart. If it's not there, create it! Thanks Carly, and keep it up!


Absolutely loved that interview!! Very different and I plan on trying some of your amazing techniques this upcoming semester. Is there anything different that you did in college to help you out as supposed to now blogging?

Annie Belle

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