Favorite Things Party- PART 1

Who isn’t familiar with Oprah’s Favorite Things?  And who would just die to get to be a part of that audience during that episode?  Probably everybody.
(Side note: I thought this year was just a little too “commercial”to be believable.)
Well, my friends and I started this tradition where we have our OWN favorite things party.  We have the absolute greatest time.  And it’s something that YOU can do with your friends too.
Why it’s a good idea:
1) You get to share your favorite thing with everybody.
2) You receive your friends’ favorite things.
3)  It’s so much fun.
4)  Who doesn’t love a good party?
I’m going to run through some pictures and then explain the details:
 The first year!  (Side note: We look SO young!)
The favorite things were: Chanel Lipgloss, Pedicure giftcard + set, Sephora peach hand cream, Vera Bradley Ditty bag, Sparkle scarf/belt + Lipgloss…
And mine was a pearl bracelet and earrings (obviously).
 We brought down the bucket of our old snow gear from Boston, got all dressed up, and went caroling.
 The second year! I can’t remember what everyone’s gifts were, but this might have been the most fun year.  We filmed this ridiculous video to send to Oprah.  It started with my mom (who was filming) knocking on the door, and we all opened it and said, “Hi Oprah!  Welcome to our favorite things party!!!”  I’m not kidding.  We need to find that DVD…… Bebe, I think it’s in your room still!!!
 I gave everyone Lilly Pulitzer shift ornaments and a Vera Bradley photo album full of pictures of me with each of the girls!
 Oh, and we made gingerbread houses (there are four….. one’s just, well, flat).  The kitchen was a HUGE mess.  We had to bring out the R2D2 vacuum cleaner, just sayin’.
The third year we went to a local tea room.
My super talented friend Katie made us these great monogrammed tiles!  I have had it in my dorm room!!!
I got everyone skivvy pajama bottoms from (old) J. Crew… and my sister got everyone matching boxers.  Presh.
The fourth year- we all met again in the tea room.  We had all been away at college and it was so nice to get to see everyone.  Since we were all busy taking finals (I’m pretty sure that some girls had to miss because they were still at school…), we decided that our favorite thing was “friends” so we just had each other’s company and no gifts.

Classic Melly + Carly front porch picture.  I just remembered that I have that red dress… I will be finding a time to wear it this year!
Okay- how the party works:
I keep the number of invited girls small so we can spend a little bit more money on our favorite things.  Everyone invited is super close, and we would be exchanging gifts anyways, so this just counted as our gift exchange.
On the invitation, explain that eight (or however many) girls will be attending, so each person should bring seven of their favorite thing.  I think it’s always fun to have some sort of random activity, if you’re not going to do it at a specific location.  (A tea room is a great locale!!!)
Emphasize that attendees should bring something they really love!  Otherwise, the fun can be slightly ruined.
Variations:  If money is tight, each person can bring ONE of their favorite things and then do it like a secret santa party.  OR if you want to do a pricier gift favorite thing, you could do a secret santa thing as well.
The possibilities, and fun, are really limitless.
PS Part 2 (posted tomorrow) will show some ideas of my favorite things!

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this idea is so precious, as is your blog! i am from the dc area but currently in mississippi, and am so glad to read about how much you enjoy the city!


definitely doing this! Just today I was wondering what sort of low budget holiday party I could throw, and you just answered my prayers =) Thanks for being so amazing, Carly!


i LOVE this idea! so cute!

this past january, my friend and i co-hosted a white elephant party — and we asked everyone to bring the WORST gift they got during the holidays, and everyone exchanged! i wound up with a pine scented candle, someone else wound up with a framed autographed photo of dr, phil, another with ugly nail polish colors, etc. it was so fun! you can read all about it here if you'd like:

anyway, love it!



Sooooo cute!!! I want to do this next year with my girls. This year we are doing a nice dinner and secret santa…18 of us! 🙂 Merry, Merry!