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This is going to be a MONTH long competition with an AMAZING prize.  The prize is literally one of my most favorite favorite favorite things EVER.  (Hint: It’s mentioned on College Prep numerous times.)
So it’s going to be kind of crazy.  But here’s the idea: Get a friend (or two or three or more) to sign up as a follower of College Prep.  They’ll need to comment on this post telling me that YOU referred them.  You’ll get one entry for every referral and any new follower who was referred gets an entry as well!  (And new followers can get more entries by referring new friends too!)
The more people you refer, the more entries/chances you get to win!
Let me repeat, the prize is PERFECT and AMAZING and SUPER EXCITING.
This is going to be a big bang for the rest of 2010!

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Hot Pink Dahlia

I just became a follower…and I have decided to do a giveaway on my blog too! Thanks for the idea!

I am so excited to see what the giveway item is here…very exciting doing it as a surprise!


I just did a post about the contest, hopefully it will send folks your way! Also, I think I might know what the prize is 🙂


I miss the old college prepster, the blog of a cool preppy girl. Now you're just out to get more followers and your blog has lost its sincerity, sweetness, and essence. You may gain lots of new followers with this tactic but because of this shallowness, youre losing one follower who had you at the top of her reader list.


Threw (not through) is the past tense of throw.

Just saying.

As in:
"Bank of America made me jump through a lot of hoops after my purchase at Booey's threw them for a loop."


hi MARY C (no caps) sent me, im so happy she did. im already through every post, congratulations on a 1000 followers, you deserve it