My Favorite White Shirts

Someone DMed me the other day asking about my favorite white shirts. Besides grey sweaters, I can’t seem to get enough white shirts. I have a huge selection because I find that they’re perfect for just about every occasion.

So I have to confess that my NUMBER ONE favorite shirt is an oxford cloth button down from Joe Fresh. But it’s discontinued. I check every month to see if it’s in their new arrivals again because if they bring it back a) I’m buying 10 more to squirrel away and b) I’ll tell you so you can go out and do the same. It is the best for a casual look but still layers well under sweaters. Joe Fresh design team, if you’re out there… let’s bring it back.

Oxford Cloth Button Down

I don’t have this exact oxford shirt, but this one looks almost identical to the one I have (and love) from Joe Fresh.

Perfect White Tee

This is HANDS DOWN the best white t-shirt on the market. I could not recommend it more. It’s the perfect fit and not see through at all which is so hard to come by. It’s also one of those white tees that washes brilliantly– it comes out of the laundry looking brand new.

Kate Spade Black and White

I don’t have this exact blouse, but I have a similar one from three years ago that I love. A little fun black detailing makes it a little more interesting than your standard white shirt.

Perfect Blouse J Crew

I love the perfect stretch shirts from J. Crew. They also launder and steam so nicely. I have collected a few variations over the years.

White Tuxedo Shirt

If you need a white shirt that’s sharp and fun at the same time? Try the tuxedo shirt! I love the way it looks with casual denim.

White Silk Body Suit

My most recent white shirt is this bodysuit. Guys. It’s BRILLIANT. It’s so easy to wear and you don’t have to worry about constantly tucking your shirt in. YES. (I had so many questions over DM about how it works when you go to the bathroom, haha… So, there are little snaps like a onesie which is incredibly awkward, but it works. It’s so much easier than dealing with a romper.)

I’m tempted to get a few more styles because I loved not dealing with tucking.

Perfect Long Sleeve White Tee

This white long sleeve t-shirt is one I wear year-round. It’s super comfortable and fits like a glove. In the winter, I layer it under sweaters and in the summer, I think it looks really cute with denim shorts and other casual looks.

Equipment Blouse

I’d say this is more of a splurge for a white shirt, but it’s so worth it. It’s a gorgeous silk blouse and literally just a dream to wear. It’s cute for casual looks (I like to roll the sleeves, as seen here!) but it works for professional settings too tucked into slim trousers!

PS Another great spot for affordable white blouses (casual + work + dressy) is Express. I have a piped blouse from there that is great! Sometimes the material is the ~most~ breathable, but for under $50 you can’t beat their selection and style.

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What do you wear under a sweater? I always feel like my collared shirts are too bulky under them. HELP!


Oh Carly, I literally said this week “I wish Carly would write a post about her favorite white shirts” and voila! Some people only wear black or pink but I LIVE in white shirts and am always looking for the perfect addition to my wardrobe.


I would love it if you created a post or vlog about how you care for your clothes. What do you take to the dry cleaners, hand wash, throw in the washer? What gets hung to dry and what goes in the dryer? Do you iron or steam your clothes?


I totally agree about the Express shirts! They are so reasonably priced and I have had some for 6 years now. They also now have petites online which has been a game changer for me!


I literally was going to your blog this morning to search for your favorite button downs. I feel like it’s so hard to find the perfect fitting button down! Then I saw this post and this linked me to some great options! Thank you!!

Alyssa Sargent

I LOVE white shirts! But I find myself having to replace them so often because they seem to discolor so quickly. They either start to look dingy or the armpits start to yellow or grey despite being cleaned regularly. Do you have this same problem? I’ve had this problem across all different brands, styles, and fabrics. How do you keep yours fresh looking?