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Trying to balance a heavier workload with an upcoming move is starting to drive me crazy! I am all about making lists right now because it’s the only thing keeping my head afloat. A few people asked if I could do a post on moving and honestly? Making lists and trying just to get stuff done ahead of time is the only way to do it. There’s no “trick” or “hack” to making it go better. (Although. To be very frank, I’m kind of throwing a lot of money at it to ease some of the stress. I’m outsourcing as much as possible, and that definitely makes it easier to manage.)

On another note, I did a little staycation here in Connecticut this week because I needed to shoot some sponsored content in a bathroom and I don’t find my current situation all that inspiring (#nowindows). It was really fun to “get away” without actually being that far away from home! Even though it was a work trip, I did come back home feeling energized between totally tackling my to-do list and just stepping out my normal routine. All without having to deal with traveling, which can be the most taxing part of a trip.

Pretty Airbnb Kitchen

Here’s what has been on my radar this week:

ONE // Starry Pajamas

Remember how I said I was into the star trend? Well, my favorite pajama line just released a star print collection and it’s so cute. They mailed me a pair (along with these cashmere slippers from my fave shoe company), and I plan on wearing them every night for the foreseeable future.

TWO // Elon Musk Sends a Car Into Space

Speaking of stars (haha), Elon Musk just sent a Tesla into space as part of Space X. Pretty incredible stuff. I actually thought the photos they released were fake at first because it seemed so impossible and kind of crazy. (Kind of related but I also just listened to the audiobook of Astrophysics for People in a Hurry, so I’ve been finding myself in a black hole, haha, of space articles!)

THREE // Cute Work Dress

I don’t know why, but I’ve been getting many work-attire questions lately. Unfortunately, I’m not the best (or even a good) person to ask because I don’t work in an office and my work attire is generally a pair of jeans and a sweater at best and workout gear at worst. I was looking for something unrelated, but I found a super adorable dress from Club Monaco that would definitely work in some offices. It’s very cute on.

FOUR // Soft Almond Sugar Cookie Cutouts

Sugar cookies (or simply “cutouts” as Meesh calls them) are my weakness. I almost don’t even like eating them because I know once I start, it’s nearly impossible to stop. Molly Yeh always makes the most pleasing looking food and baked goods. I just want to sit in her cozy kitchen and be her taste tester all day, every day. Her almond sugar cookie cutouts look delicious.

FIVE // Bow Pump

How pretty and stylish are these bow back pumps? It’s kind of like “business in the front, fancy ball in the back.”

SIX // Baby Kangaroo

This rescued baby kangaroo has the sweetest little hop of all time! Watching him jump into the pouch just about melted my heart!

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I love the star pajamas! Also, if you want to keep your space kick going The Martian was great (I liked the book a lot more than the movie) – it goes into all the technical stuff of being in space (chemistry, vacuums, etc) in a really approachable and fun way! xAllie

Ashley Corcoran

I didn’t know you were moving! Will you be doing a life update/moving blog post?! Best of luck!


Did I miss a moving announcement somewhere?? I’m so confused!

Regardless, congratulations! Can’t wait to hear more.


I feel your pain on the moving front. We used one of those companies that provide you with reusable large plastic boxes to move and it was one of the best experiences. The company dropped them off at our first address and we had 2 weeks with the boxes (which could be extended if needed) and then they picked them up at our new address. It forced me to unpack in a timely manner, and it was so much easier to stack those boxes and have the movers move them. Not sure if you have this option in your area or not. I live in Chicago and would highly recommend it. The company here is Redi-box. Good luck with your move!


After the move, I would love it if you could do a post including the service providers you used (boxes, movers, etc.) for those of us in the NYC metro area.


Omg, iced soft sugar cookies are 100% my favourite treat. I am usually a savoury over sweet girl but those cookies are my weakness! I just did a Valentine’s Day shoot with some other wedding industry vendors (I’m a florist) and we had the most adorable iced sugar cookies and I honestly couldn’t wait for the shoot to be done so we could eat them!! I am definitely going to have to try out this recipe, thanks for sharing!

Monica Hall

What happened to the insulated trench coat that I swear was here this morning? Was I imagining it? I did not click on it this morning and came back to see the details of it.

Richelle Lockett

Loving the 2012 posts you’ve been sharing! It’s crazy to think how long I’ve been following some of my favorite bloggers/content creators! Cut out sugar cookies are also my
weakness! Which is why I made a side hustle out of it! :-p Check out my insta
@richelledoesroyal. I like to think following along your journey inspired me to pick up a creative outlet at one point or another! 🙂