February Bucket List

I love doing these every month. I swear it helps me stay on track and is perfect for those weekend afternoons when you’re kind of bored and want something to do. My favorite part of these lists is that they really force me to enjoy the month and take advantage of every day. As I get older, it seems like time flies by faster and faster. I hate looking back and feeling like I missed an opportunity for something. This way, I’m setting little reminders of everything I want to do and committing to accomplishing them (or doing my best, at least!). 
Garrett and I traveled to Mont Tremblant for a fun ski trip; I surprised my best friend as she recovered from surgery; I skied down multiple blue squares this past weekend (!!!); I set a budget and even got in touch with a financial planner to better assist with better planning; I read/listened to four and a half books; and I got back into yoga and love my new studio.
I drank some soda here and there, it’s been way too warm to ice skate, and I surprisingly barely wore makeup all month. I still want to drink less soda and would love to find a cute spot to ice skate should the water be cold enough to freeze… and the makeup thing is definitely still on my to-do list.
As for February…here’s what I’m planning and hoping to do.
February is a short month, but we do have an extra day (yay! leap year!!!) so I’m hoping I can squeeze in just about everything!

What’s on your bucket list for February?

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White Cabana

Great list with fun ideas. The monthly bucket list seems much more manageable than a never-ending one for a lifetime. You know? I, too, hope to take a floral workshop this month!


I'm doing a "25 by 25" list – 25 things to do before I turn 25 in May! Learn how to create a floral arrangement is on my list too! I think I'm just going to go to Whole Foods, buy a ton of flowers and just go to town making some colorful creations 😉


Hi Carly, A couple of things…What software or app did you use to do the bucket list above on? Second, I started following you not long after you started your blog and it really helped me steer my boys through college. You were a few years older so your info was a saving grace. Both boys did great in college, graduated early and one is possibly going to Georgetown Law. Here I am still following you as you have given me the understanding of the female side ( all males at my house outside me) and it has been refreshing. Here I am still following you and you are still one of my favorite blogs. I love to watch you flourish and I am sure your parents are so very proud of you. You are doing amazing things and I am proud to be a spectator and cheerleader on your side. God bless you and keep up the great work!

Christina Minderman

Hey Carly – for your 48 hour trip (or your big trip) I would love to volunteer some time to make you a custom detailed travel itinerary for wherever you would like to go. I started a travel site called 72 Hours To Go where I create detailed travel itineraries for adventures that are less than 3 days, to help people who want to spend less time planning and more time exploring. I would be more than delighted to make you and Garrett (or whoever you want to travel with) a custom itinerary at no cost. Check out the site at and let me know if you are potentially interested.