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I recently realized that I haven’t posted an outfit in a while. I personally like to post outfits that I genuinely love and wear– not just an outfit for an outfit’s sake. This particular one is something I wore a couple of times throughout January. It’s been so nice to have mild enough winter to wear heels without freezing and, the best part, no coat. In some ways it feels so wrong, but I have to say that I do not hate it. (Even after the blizzard we had, almost all the snow has already melted!!!)
I first wore this to a dinner with Dooney and Bourke in the city a few weeks ago. I did what I always do when I’m not sure what to wear: piece together something starting with one thing I want to wear. In this case, it was my new black Pixie pants. I love a good sweater/button up combination, even for nighttime so I reached for this super affordable cashmere sweater that I love. (I frequently pair it with jeans and ballet flats for a laid back look.) 
It ended up being the perfect outfit for the dinner and I loved it so much that I wore it a few times after that including a couple of day time appointments with flats.
If you’ve been a longtime TCP reader, you know that I love my Minnie pants. After a few recommendations from friends, I decided to buy the Pixie pants and they’ve actually become my favorite now. They’re definitely different than the Minnies– more legging than pants, they sit a little higher on the waist, and they’re a bit thicker. At first they seemed stiff, but after one wear they softened up and now I reach for them instead of leggings. 
(For sizing, I bought the 0 Short. I’m glad I went with the “short” length because they’re the perfect cropped pant!)
I bought these Ivanka Trump heels for holiday parties, but they’re unfortunately sold out right now. Some similar bow options below:

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I thought I’d share a little fashion PSA here. J. Crew finally finally brought back their ruffled shirts. I bought one years ago (it’s what I wore for my headshots) and it’s seriously one of my favorite shirts ever. I love the way the ruffled sleeves pop out from shirts and the collar is simply perfection. (Also available in striped and a blue.)

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White Cabana

Those shoes! Sometimes Team Ivanka completely nails it. I have a ruffled shirt (from Brooks Brothers maybe…I can't remember)…and I love wearing it with suits to add some femininity to my outfit. Love it.

Meagan Marie

Do you think the Pixie pants could be worn to work? They look so good and sleek in your photo, but I'm not sure if they are too much like leggings to wear into the office.


I think it definitely depends on your office and what the dress code is. They're most in line with a ponte pant. You can't tuck a shirt in, but I think with a flowy blouse (aka long enough for coverage) and blazer, it could work if it's more business casual.


I wear mine to the office all the time; you just have to pair it with something nicer: an oversized blouse with a statement necklace or blazer. These pants are also PERFECT for work travel. Comfy like leggings but a bit dressier. I own 2 pair!


Laughing out loud right now bc I was all "ah cute look!" and then I looked down & realized I was wearing almost the exact same outfit 🙂

Fairy Princess Jord

The ruffled button down shirt is AMAZING, I totally want to add it to my workwear (and leisurely wear) collection. I also really love the Pixie pants, they seem like a great alternative to leggings.


Hi Carly! I love this look! I was wondering if you had any suggestions for comfortable flats that are reasonably priced? I got an internship this summer and will be walking around a lot, but I am on a college budget. Thanks so much!


Yo that sweater is bomb. The link doesn’t work. Do you know where else I can get it?