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After falling off the bandwagon last fall, I really recommitted myself to being more active this year. A huge part of that is just getting outside. Whether it’s skiing, leisurely walks with Teddy, or a little hike, I knew I wanted to be moving and outdoors.
The other big part of it was just trying to get some better healthy habits under my belt. I generally eat pretty well and follow the “everything in moderation” rule. But working out? Not really a fan. By and large, I am not an athletic person. Competitive, absolutely. Athletic, not so much.
I did fall in love with yoga last year and now I’m back in the swing of things having found good classes in town here. I love a lot about it, but mostly I love just spending an hour really moving my body and working up a sweat. I never think about how much I sit throughout the day… until I’m really stretching it out in yoga. It feels so good. Along with the love of moving, I’ve definitely found an appreciation and gratefulness for being able to move. I think about how fortunate I am to have a the strong, healthy body I have and what a waste it is to not use it.
So while I’ve picked up a good yoga schedule, I’m also adding some general work outs into my everyday routine. My apartment building has a great gym so there’s really no excuse. 
Kate Spade’s new yoga pants (c/o)… even better than I imagined! I want it all!!!
I’m not trying to put a lot of pressure on myself to stick with a specific plan or routine, but I am trying to do something at least every other day. Since I mix things up, it’s easier to work out more as I’m not getting sick of what I’m doing.
– Something outdoors: this is my go-to for when I’m super sore or super stressed and just need to take it easy out in the fresh air. Teddy gets the best deal out of this because I like to include him and for him it’s just playtime! 
– Treadmill: I don’t love running on the treadmill, but I also don’t hate it. When I just want to get a quick run in, it’s so easy to pop downstairs and crank up the speed. By crank up the speed, I just put it at a 10 minute mile pace and run for 30 minutes. The machines in our building has televisions with the news… I’m not going to lie, but that helps.
– Yoga: my yoga classes are a serious treat and something I really look forward to. Unfortunately, the studio I go to here doesn’t have as many classes offered as my old one so I have to really work it into my schedule. But I loveeeee the teachers I’ve been going to. Ah-mazing. And the classes are much smaller so I feel like I get personalized instruction. I lost a little bit of my flexibility in my hiatus and I’ve been working hard to get back to my best!
Kayla Itsines: Guys, I bit the bullet and bought the PDF. Has anyone else done this program before?! I’m on the fence on whether or not I want to do it in its entirety or modify it to work into what I’m already doing. That said, I’m obsessed already. It’s took me a bit to familiarize myself with the whole PDF… and then I jumped right into the workouts. 28 minutes doesn’t seem that bad, but sheesh! The buuuuurn!!!!! It hurts, in a good way. Here’s to an even stronger body! (Has anyone else tried this?!)

What’s your favorite workout? How are you staying healthy?

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Miranda Mills

I've been on a real health / workout kick lately too. My absolute favourite workouts are Tracy Anderson Method (I do the real-time classes which are just SO fun) and Ballet Beautiful. As I mainly workout at home, though, I also think it's good to get out and have a walk as much as possible. Those Kate Spade yoga pants are adorable – I wonder if they have the sportwear collection in the UK? Miranda xxx


I follow Kayla on Instagram (obviously, I guess everyone does!), and she's INSANE! In a good way I mean! I can totally see why you downloaded her program – keep us updated!

Leda Olia

I've never tried Kayla Itsines before but I would highly recommend blogilates!! I'm a 5 days per week runner but felt like I wasn't gaining strength anywhere in my body other than my legs, so started using Casseys workouts. They're all on YouTube and while she puts out a free workout regiment every month, I usually take bits and pieces and modify it to what works for me. And the best part? I think Cassey has an amazing body that's totally realistic! She's not the super skinny, perfect six pack kind of gal but man is she strong! Plus she had the best most positive personality to keep you going. Let me know if you try out blogilates and if you like it!

Leda x

Erin Murphy

her videos are so good and her cheerful attitude and positive comments make you want to keep going even when your msucles are burning! definitely would recommend as well.

Tori Moore

If you like yoga but ever want to switch it up I would seriously recommend Barre Works! It's the same, low-impact and low-cardio style as yoga but with weights and small, repetitive movements to make you really feel the burn. I take them at my university and absolutely love them!


I'm going to go to a Barre class with one of my friends who's hooked… I've wanted to try but I'm nervous to go to the first class!!! Can't wait though.


I. Love. Kayla. Like you said, the workouts are good and only 28 minutes, so because it doesn't take a lot of time–you have no excuse to not do them. Also, its still a good work out whether I'm crushing it with personal bests or if I'm not that into it because of a long day or I'm sick.

I couldn't recommend Kayla more. The food guide is meh, but the workouts are amazing. Good luck! Welcome to the #BBGcommunity.


I do Kayla's program, I am on week 9 and loving my results. It's great because it escalates in difficulty, I can do it at home any time I want and the program doesn't require much equipment. I didn't need to lose a lot of weight, I wanted to get strong and defined and it really is making a huge difference! I usually ran to stay fit, but I was clearly out of shape- it totally kicked my butt when I started. Really happy with it!

Briana Lee

I'm with you on the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts. I've never found a 28 minute workout that's so challenging. It's great! Plus, her abs are major goals.

Carly—I saw a comment above about your being nervous to try a barre class. Don't be! They're so much fun and it seems like there is always a comforting kind of camaraderie in the classes.



Ah! Thanks for the encouragement 🙂 I think my studio has some beginner classes…. I need to just bite the bullet and go!


I've tried Kayla and didn't love her, honestly. I can't work from a PDF–I much prefer the Blogilates videos and recently, the Beachbody workouts (21 Day Fix!!) CHANGED. MY. LIFE. The 21DF workouts are only 30 minutes and have someone leading them, so I don't feel quite as lost and can stay on pace without getting distracted. 🙂 And the eating plan is amazing!!

You'll find what you love! And I totally recommend Barre! 🙂



Agreeeeee! The PDF is not the best. I took screenshots of the circuits so I could just look at my phone, but I think I'm going to print them out!


I've been using ClassPass for the past few months and it's really helped me in the area of trying out new things. I've been to barre, spinning, rowing, boot camp, yoga and a few others! As for Kayla, I know a few people who follow her workout routines, but I've been too afraid to hop on the bandwagon…for fear of that burn everyone talks about 😉 I get discouraged when I'm too sore after a hard workout to do anything active the next day but maybe it would get easier?

26 and Not Counting

Taylor Muentener

There's a Kayla app too, which is super helpful! It eliminates having to check back and forth on the PDF and guides you through it while timing and everything. I found it easier to stick to with the app!


Another great app that I love is Nike workouts! There are so many workouts to choose from that are all different lengths of time, so you can find one that works for the amount of time you have to work out that day and you can basically do it anywhere (if you don't have time to make it to the gym).

Taylor Knittel

I recently (and by recently, I mean last week) decided to start running and I can totally see why people love it. I've never been a fan but it's such a quick and easy workout- and it makes me feel good about myself, like I've accomplished something! The Nike workouts, like Allie said above, are great too!

Positively Taylor

Taylor Aubin

I LOVE Kayla! on week 4 again from her 1.0 guides. screenshots are the best way to do it unless printed out. it burns but truly within 4 weeks you will be so much stronger!

check out Cassey from Blogilates – she does workouts to fun songs that make it seem to go by faster!

Maggie Olson

I've tried Kayla's free week of workouts and they are soo intense! 28 minutes is about all I can handle of her and I am in pretty good (or so I thought) shape. I struggle to want to do more than straight cardio when I work out. I've started doing weekly spinning classes and kickboxing. I love both and find that I stick to my routine better when I find an instructor I love.



I LOVE Kayla's guides. I completed 1.0 and 2.0 trying to get in shape for my wedding. It built up my strength and challenged me mentally and physically -which I find is the whole point in working out. I printed the guides and had them bound and just take them with me to the gym. I've been active in some way or another since I was a kid but the exercises challenged my body in ways I haven't experienced before and helped me find confidence in what my body is capable of. While I've done other programs to keep it fresh leading up to the big day, this is by far my favorite because I can do it at the gym or at home which really leaves no excuse for getting up and moving! I also found that wearing a fitbit is great because it tells me how little, or how much, I actually move. It's a great reminder to those of us who work from home, like myself, that walking from our desk to the kitchen for lunch is not enough.

Abbie R

I'm 5 weeks into Kayla's workout and I find the app is the most useful for doing workouts on the run but it costs a monthly fee 🙁


Carly, I definitely know what you mean! In this day and age, it seems as working out is a mandatory thing since the models look so skinny and lean. However, I think you are completely right in saying that we should work out for the means to better ourselves and clear our minds.


Would love to see an update of the Kayla's guide after you try it out for a while. I've heard a lot of mixed reviews of her.

Jackie M

Have you ever tried a Barre class (Pure Barre or otherwise)? Might be worth a try. I got and absolutely LOVE IT!
Just a thought,

Chloe Logan

I'm a newly converted BodyPUMP girl–I hate cardio, though, weights have always been my thing. 🙂 But I have found motivation with the Pact app, where you set a "Pact" (e.g., work out for 5 days in a week), and bet money with it. If you don't complete your pact, you lose money! Right now, I'm doing 5 workouts/week at $10/workout. And if you complete your pact, you earn some of the money from those who had to pay up. The best part–getting your 10K steps counts as a workout! Also, apps like NexTrack and Achievemint that reward you for working out. 🙂

Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest