First Lilly

The other day I was looking through photo albums and came across a picture of me in my first Lilly Pulitzer dress.  I had had a skirt in seventh grade I think, but this was my first official dress.
I was really tall and skinny for my age, so finding clothes that fit was always difficult.  I spent the majority of my middle school years wearing clothes from Gap Kids.  Pants with elastic waist bands are the farthest thing from cool in middle school.  Thankfully, Abercrombie Kids opened in the mall, so at least I could wear clothes that were “in style.”  
In eighth grade I was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (it was a big deal at the time haha) and I couldn’t find a dress anywhere.  By eighth grade, I was pretty adamant on NOT wearing kid’s clothing, but I pretty much couldn’t fit into anything else.  My best friend was wearing a Lilly dress (adult sized of course) and I was depressed because I wanted to so badly.  My mom and I went to the Pink Palm and found the most mature looking little girls dress we could.  I was in LOVE with it!
So this is me in my first Lilly dress 🙂  (I hadn’t figured out what a flat iron was just yet.)


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