Games and Trains!

A few weeks ago during one of Florida’s monsoons, a neighborhood friend and her daughter stalled their car in front of my house.  Our street pretty much turns into a lake when it rains giving us waterfront property for a few hours.  
They came into our house to wait for the water to go down and for the tow truck to come.  My parents are really good friends with them and the kids are the same age as my sister and I.  We talked for a while and she invited the family to a dinner party they were having.
The dad is really lucky and had been invited to go on a aircraft carrier where he met a ton of people, including General Petraeus.  General Petraeus had been to their house before and had so much fun that they decided to do it again.  The dad is really into trains and converted his garage into “The Train Room.”  It is absolutely INCREDIBLE.  The General is also a huge fan of foosball so they set up a table for everyone to play.
I also had the chance to meet General Jay Hood and Allen.  Hood was so much fun and super nice!  I just loved him.  General Allen was extremely nice and spoke very fondly of Georgetown (so obviously I liked him instantly).
The whole night was wonderful and we didn’t get back home until very late (a good sign of a good party).

General Petraeus and my dad playing foosball with General Hood and a friend.  My dad and his friend beat the Generals!  But, to be fair, my dad had LOTS of practice in college.

Me and General Petraeus.  

General Petraeus with my dad.
-College Prepster
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Oh my arly…I have been to the train room and it is indeed incredible!!! What a lucky person you are to have been with such influential people!!! Great pics too I might add!!! Love your dress!!!


Imagine this… I was voted "Best Dressed" in college…have rather fallen back on those days becoming a very comfortable "beach bum" now!!! It works for me!!!