First Look at Our Master Bedroom

This isn’t a full reveal of our master bedroom. Entirely because it’s far from complete. I’ve been working on filling the major “holes” furniture wise first and will have the details later. Not only is it easier on my bank account to do it this way, but we also get to live in the space and figure out what we need. I think the details are the fun part and I’m definitely antsy to do it (and to have things finished) though. So for now, I’m just going to be thankful that we’re not sleeping in the guest room anymore and be happy with that!

Here’s what Kira came up with. (I also just want to send her a HUGE thank you to her! She still powered through our designs even though she gave birth like five days after we started working together.) I told her that I wanted our master bedroom to feel hotel-y and serene with a neutral palette. It sounds crazy, but going for creams and neutrals instead of navys and blues was really outside of my comfort zone. There’s enough blue and white in our house (and I have plans for pretty wallpaper in the guest room) that I knew I’d want something calmer and more grown-up. Kira nailed it. It’s everything I wanted and it’s starting to look so good!

A couple of notes about the photos. I don’t think they have a lot of “pop” because the room is far from finished. I wanted to share this quick peek though because I had so many questions on Instagram about where things were from. Plus, it’ll be fun to do another update down the road as everything else starts to come in and the rest of the room comes together. For example, that lamp on the nightstand is temporary as the ones I ordered are backordered (and then more backordered…) and there’s no art yet above the wall which feels very bland and boring. And the lighting is off because I have paper shades on half the windows for privacy while we wait for the real ones to arrive (hopefully this week).

Pottery Barn Nightstands

The room is technically big enough for a king-sized bed. But it would be a little crowded and we would have had to do smaller nightstands. Our previous queen had been plenty so we agreed to stick to the queen size to make the room as open as possible.

I am obsessed with the nightstands Kira picked out and I’m so glad we went the smaller bed/bigger nightstand route. The color looked a little strange to me online (almost “muted”) but I decided to roll the dice anyway. These are gorgeous in person and make such an impact in the room, against the creams. I also think I’m going to get big baskets for extra storage on the bottom shelf but will probably live with the room for a bit before making a final call one way or another.

Kira David Designs

I had timed up the deliveries for everything so I could get the rug in first and then assemble the bed and have the nightstands delivered after. Naturally, life had other plans. The rug I initially ordered was sent in the wrong color so I went back to Serena and Lily just to confirm that the correct color was what I wanted as I jumped through the return hoops. (I had initially picked it out online without seeing it in person.)

I ended up changing my mind and picking out a rug that I had just come out. It is beautiful in person. Seriously, I don’t think any of the details are picked up in the online photo. Even though it’s a neutral rug, there’s nothing simple about it.

Serena and Lily Rug

Anyway, everything finally was here by the time I got back from Nantucket so I dedicated Labor Day for the full assembly. Honestly, it was kind of fun and I totally felt like I was on an HGTV show because the room transformed from empty with boxes to a full bedroom (minus, you know some of the details).

Slipcovered Bed

This bed!!!! I really wanted the room to not feel overly girly or feminine since it’s a shared space. But I’m not going to lie… I couldn’t resist the bows on this bed. (And I honestly don’t think Mike has even noticed so I’m just going to go with it 😉.)  It’s actually slipcovered which I LOVE. The whole headboard cover can be slipped off to be washed or freshly ironed, or whatever. It was fairly easy to assemble too. Nothing complicated, but it took time to just screw everything in properly.

(PS It’s on sale right now and comes in quite a few colors + a platform bed style too.)

The only issue I have with it is something you can easily solve, but it’s not very clear in the product description online. You need a box spring for the bed. Okay, cool. You can buy them from Amazon, no big deal. Except there are like ten different sizes. Low profile? Standard? 7-inch? 9-inch? Well, what is considered standard even? I ordered two: a 4″ low-profile and a 9″ “standard” one too. I figured once I had the bed assembled I could measure our mattress (we got a Tempurpedic so it’s pretty thick) and the bed and see what box-spring would work the best. It was clear immediately that the 4″ would be far too short. In reality, the 9″ works and makes our bed the right height for the nightstands and our mattress thickness. BUT, if you’re going to get technical, a 7″ fits perfectly into the bedframe. If I were to pull off all the bedding, you’d see about two inches of the box spring under the mattress. But you can’t see it when the bed is fully dressed. Anyway, that bothered me because I think the description online should say “requires a box spring– 7″ is ideal” instead of just mentioning that it needs a box spring. (Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.)

Scalloped Sheets

And now the fun part: the bedding.

The quilt, duvet, and shams are all from Serena and Lily. I’ve been lusting over this quilt in navy for years. But I think cream and I are having a moment. I love the block print.

Serena and Lily Quilt

And then we just HAVE to talk about these sheets. Scalloped sheets can cost a pretty penny. These are completely affordable (and often go 40% off, as they are right now). AND THEY ARE NO IRON. I laundered all the bedding before dressing the bed and the sheets came out… wrinkle. free. Like magic. (I have been known to steam sheets so this feels like an absolute no-brainer to me.)

They’re also super soft, come in various colors, and can be monogrammed.

Striped Linen Pillows

After sleeping in our guest room for two months, it feels so good to have our master bedroom set up functionally. And now we have a real guest room. (We had been having guests sleep on our daybed/trundle in my office… so I guess now we officially have two rooms for guests!)



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Whoa whoa wait..Land’s End has a home section, and they have such cute scallop sheets that you can get monogrammed!??!! OMG who new, and now I need them, ahah! Also that bed frame is giving me major heart eyes, and its such a good sale price! If you could pick any color what one would you get? The light blue or the striped headboard are catching my eye 🙂 This room looks gorgeous, Carly!

xx Libby


Carly- Your master has a lovely calm zen feeling. Nice use of texture in your rug choice. I’ll be interested to see how you add to the design in the future.

Christa Roderick

Don’t shy away from femininity in the best…. the bedroom should feel feminine so that the man feels entertained-sells the flowers, bows whatever else you like every time!❤️


“I’m so glad we went the smaller big/bigger nightstand route.”

I’m sorry, what does this even mean?


I absolutely love the idea of a slipcover bed! Unfortunately I have a cat that would see the fabric as a fun challenge to claw through.