First Position

Let me start by saying that I am not a dancer. I did the requisite ballet, tap, jazz classes when I was younger. But (…you might find this surprising…) considering that I was always the tallest in the class I was always in the back during recitals. WHO WANTS TO BE IN THE BACK?
Um… not me.
Sporty Sister in her first, last, & only dance recital. I will spare you the rest of my recital photographs from elementary and middle school. (Trust me, it’s not pretty. #awkward)
(I’m third from the right in the bottom row… can you tell how tall I was here?)
Okay… I’m not bitter about being banned to the back row… Not anymore… Ummm… Moving on…
Sporty Sister and I drove down to Sarasota last week to go see First Position. In short, it was phenomenal. Seriously amazing. I think everyone and anyone would enjoy it. Although it’s not playing everywhere (check for local showings here), it’s “On Demand” on the television.
It’s a MUST SEE.
Sporty Sister and I barely breathed during the whole thing. They show the dancers performing in this important competition and we couldn’t help but hold our breath. We laughed (little JJ was too funny) a lot too. Oh, everything was just great. We did want to feed little Miko some cupcakes though! Tiny girl!
Michaela, however, stole the show. Incredible story. Incredible passion. Incredible talent. Oh!!!!
I loved the behind the scenes video of her photoshoot with Teen Vogue.
We didn’t realize that we could have watched the documentary at home until after we drove back from Sarasota… but the whole trip was tons of fun!
How cute is my new Persifor dress???
Has anyone else seen First Position yet? What did you think?

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I plan on watching First Position and love dancing films/tv shows since I was a ballerina up until middle school. Have you seen the CW show Breaking Pointe about Ballet West in Salt Lake? It is a reality show(I know..but it feels more like a documentary) about 6 weeks of Ballet West's company.


I'm so happy you mentioned that it's On Demand! I guess I know what I'm doing tomorrow! This looks so good, and I can't wait to watch!


Thanks for the suggestion! There's something very special about dancers, and the drive and ambition they have.
I am absolutely in LOVE with that Persifor dress of yours!


I took my four daughters whom are all dancers to see it. They were mesmerized and inspired as was I. Michaela was our favorite. Her story is amazing. I thought the young girl from Israel was phenomenal as well. Miko's mother was scary. Talk about living vicariously through your children. Yikes! Loved it.

Abi Jane

Yes I just saw it on Friday! I actually competed in YAGP that year (as well as this year) so I knew a lot of the people in it and had seen some parts of it "live". Miko's teacher (Viktor) was my teacher one year at a summer intensive, too! Lol 🙂


I saw that a couple Saturdays ago and I'm gong this upcoming Saturday. It was phenonmal! I loved everyone but Miko and Aran were definitely my favorites.


I was talking to someone yesterday who'd seen this and said it was amazing! Love your dress, too.