Five Things

I put together five things that are my “currently loving” list. It changes from time to time as I go through different phases, but this is what I LOVE right now.
(1) Lennon & Maisy | Their video is going viral right now. And I’m totally on the bandwagon. While the “Call Your Girlfriend” cover is beyond amazing, I’m even more into the “I Won’t Give Up” rendition. Beautiful beyond words. The music and the girls. Serious talent!
(2) Smashbox Photo Finish | Let me preface this by saying that I rarely use samples in magazines. Sometimes I will tear a few out with the idea that I might use it later, but they ultimately get thrown in the trash. And even if I do use it, I am even less likely to actually buy the product. WHY I decided to use a sample of the Smashbox Photo Finish (that I tore out of Allure magazine) remains a mystery. But I loved it. Went to Sephora the next day and bought the full size! It’s a great primer for foundation and now that it’s so hot, sometimes I use it alone (sans actual makeup).
(3) Green Apples | I am on a semi-raw diet. Nothing official and I’ve taken some liberties to say the least. I’ve just been eating tons of processed food, breads, and sugar that I needed to cleanse my body!!! I’ve gotten in the horrible habit of grabbing a few M&Ms here and there, but they add up to a hefty amount of candy! Green apples have been my savior– they’re sweet and tangy which is curbing my desire to binge on candy! (This is very difficult considering the TONS of baking Soccer Mom has been doing!)
(4) K. Slademade | I’ve spotted the clutches here and there on various blogs, but I never exactly “latched” on. The brand started following me on Instagram and (like I usually do) I checked out her pictures…. In a nutshell, I was SOLD. I had been looking for a flat pouch for my best friend’s graduation (hope she doesn’t read this…) and I bought it in a jiffy!
(5) Polka Dot Jeans | I never bought those J. Crew pants that I was lusting over so I hadn’t quite quenched my desire for polka dot pants… until this weekend! I went to Anthropologie with Soccer Mom and found the cutest pair of polka dot jeans!!! The AG Polka Dot Ankle Stevie is quite charming. I always have the worst time finding jeans that fit and don’t require any type of alterations. These are perfect.
Now all I need is a cute little Frenchie to follow me around while I wear the pants!
What are you currently loving?

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Julia D.

I absolutely love green apples and AG jeans! You mentioned you're on a raw food diet as a sort of cleanse, are you still vegetarian?


I absolutely LOVE that primer! I started borrowing my sisters, and finally got my own, its the best!