Fitz & Frannie

Another Giveaway!
Who hasn’t heard of Fitz & Frannie??? Don’t worry if you haven’t, you’re about to.

Fitz and Frannie sells these amazingly preppy and nautical inspired earrings. I’ve seen plenty of prepsters rocking them with a casual t-shirt and jeans, and others with their favorite Lilly shifts. The earrings go with everything!

Fitz and Frannie are graciously offering pairs for TWO winners!!
1st Place winner will receive a Pink & Green pair AND a single color of their choosing.
2nd Place winner will receive a Pink & Green pair.

The Giveaway will run through Monday, October 18 at 11:59 pm, winners announced Tuesday the 19th.
How to enter:
Follow College Prep and comment on this post saying you’re a follower.
Fitz and Frannie loves us all so much, they’re offering a discount!
Want a pair?
2 Pairs for $30 dollars and FREE shipping!
enter the code PREPPY
(If PayPal isn’t working, please email cfd [at] fitzandfrannie [dot] com to help with placing an order)

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I'm a follower! =)) I realllyyy hope I win! My birthday is on the 21st! It'd be a perfect early birthday present! =DDDDD *fingers crossed*


I am a follower! Everyday before class I log on to see what wonderful post you have for the day!! Thanks and keep up the awesome work!
Also, these earrings could NOT be any cuter!!


I'm a follower 🙂 This is the first time I've heard of Fitz and Frannie, but I will definitely be checking out their website! Thanks for the giveaway!

katie c

I'm a follower. I would love to win these earrings!!! I have been eying them for a long while now, but generally don't buy things online. The pink and green ones are adorable and would match about 50% of my wardrobe and a nice navy pair would match my other half!! 🙂


Only recently found your site, but I'm definitely a follower now! Love your Tumblr too 🙂 I'm very impressed by all the work you put into your blog(s) with all the other things you have going on. You're definitely an inspiration to keep up with my blog even when things get really busy! The earrings are great! And the pink and green ones match my sorority colors 🙂


I'm a follower from all the way in tx, and i need those earrings! I had never heard of this brand before and now I'm obsessed!


I somehow only discovered this blog the other day, what I was previously doing with my life I am not sure, but I love this blog soo much. I am a follower!


I'm a follower!! I am obsessed with your blog! I never heard of Fitz and Frannie until now but they are adorable earrings!!


I am a follower.
These would be so perfect to wear to school!
Love them, an extra birthday gift for me!

Mrs. Kindergarten


I'm a follower and this is my absolute FAVORITE blog (and I follow a lot of blogs!). P.s. I was a rower and coxswain in high school!


I love these! I'm a follower. Do they also do cuff links? I am pretty sure I saw some exactly like the earrings in Saks this weekend.

Ashley M!

Im following!!! 🙂 i love these earrings! they are absoutely adorable… pink and green are my favorite colors! pick me! 🙂 i loveeee this site!


oh of course i am a follower, first thing i check after school(: i just adore your blog. you really help me come up with ideas for school and for every season. i joined the group of facebook. i know what ill be saving up my allowence for (: i hope i win but odds are against me. but also i thought this was kind of cool i know the dean of student affairs at gorgetown. this sounds silly but i want to go to gorgetown just like a certain someone cough cough the wonderful carly! anyway i hope you have fun reading all of the comments, im pretty sure they all say miss carly is the best blogger ever.p.s im saving up for the same vineyard vine skirt you have! what colors do you like in the earrings i think mine would have to be pink and green ( the best preppy colors you taught me that ) and the blue one, or the pink he he. have a wonderful day at school. much love carly (: ill continue to follow!


LOVE these… they might just be the gifts I give for Christmas this year to my fab friends :o)

and, of course I'm a follower!