So, you may or may not know about my obsession with theories.
I have a theory for nearly everything. And the theory sticks until proven otherwise…. which many have been disproved.
But, they’re fun while they last.
One of my theories deals with the idea of looking great, feeling great, doing great. I’m sure most you guys have similar things. You know what I mean though, if you have a big presentation, or a big test, or generally doing something that makes you feel uneasy, wearing a great outfit can ease your nerves a little bit.
I’m sure I’m going to get loads of anonymous comments for this being a materialistic post, but I think this theory is what makes Say Yes to the Dress such a popular show. The dress stores are FULL of hundreds of dresses. And the bride-t0-be tries on dozens of them, but knows instantly when it’s “the one.” And how many times do we watch and exclaim, “UGH! She cannot choose that dress! It’s AWFUL.” But, she feels the best in that one dress.
As I’ve also mentioned numerous times throughout this blog, I’m a nervous person in general, but tests especially make me crazy. Well, last week, I pulled together two POWER OUTFITS. Were they outfits that I would wear during a normal day? Probably not. But I knew I had to feel good before the three midterms and one quiz.

Here’s the deal. Send me a picture of you in YOUR power outfit (I know, everyone has one!) via email (collegeprepster [at] gmail [dot] com).
Little V and I will choose our favorite and I’ll watercolor your outfit for you!
(I know that my pictures are super terrible Photobooth Pictures, but if you’re sending in one, try to have someone take a picture with an actual camera so it’s better quality!)

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I TOTALLY buy into this theory. For me it extends into studying too. I always feel like I am the most productive when I am put together. Not saying I wear my power outfit to study but you won't find me hitting the books in sweats (often).

Ashley D

I love both of those outfits! And that's definitely a theory that is proven true time and time again! When i don't look my best, I just don't do as well! Looking good is directly correlated to feeling good! A good power outfitis like instant confidence!


Soooooooooooooo very true!
Today is my birthday and I am higher than a Lilly kite due to the clothes, jewelry and oh so many other prezies that came my way.

What does "it" for one person may not for another…no need to judge!

Mrs. Kindergarten