Five of the Best Places to Think

From time to time, I find myself seriously lacking inspiration. When I force myself to think, it’s seriously as if all thoughts magically disappear from my head. There are times when I have so many thoughts rushing through my brain that I can hardly keep up… and then there are times when I’m desperate for a new idea.

I find that the best thing to do is to simply walk away from your work and distract yourself. I have to be either doing something that requires nothing more than “busy hands” or surrounded by a million other things that are bound to create thoughts for me.

One of the worst feelings in the world is writer’s block. (Having a word stuck at the tip of your tongue is up there too!) About once a week I feel like I have absolutely nothing to write about… which is especially not-so-great when I have a deadline on the horizon. Most of the time, I’m pretty good about getting an idea early on and letting it percolate in my brain for a few days (or weeks). That way, by the time I have to sit down and actually write, the main idea/outline is already done.

But… what to do when the ideas just won’t come?

Here are my five favorite places to think:

1. While in the shower | I have definitely mentioned this before… but it’s so amazing. I literally do my best thinking in the shower. Something about washing my hair must make the interesting thoughts flow a little better! I’ve written just about every essay in the shower. (Instead of singing, sometimes I’ll even practice speeches!)
2. Walking the aisles of the grocery store | Don’t just wander aimlessly… bring your actual shopping list. You’ll kill two birds with one stone! It’s the best way to stay busy and distract yourself without having to do anything too difficult. Plus, the grocery store is absolutely brimming with colors, and sounds, and logos, and crazy people. You’re bound to get a little bit of inspiration!
3. Driving your car (or riding the train) | Driving is kind of one of those mindless tasks. It’s always strange how just sitting back and driving can turn into some of the best thinking sessions. Don’t go with a plan… just drive. Sometimes I play a game where I have to keep driving until getting stuck at a red light… and then turning depending on which side looks more interesting. You’ll end up seeing some interesting new places and…. you guessed it…. more inspiration! Taking the subway is just amazing for people watching. Seriously.
4. Watching a movie in the theater | Watching new movies (with movie theater popcorn) always inspires me. I like finding new and revisiting old themes. I like hearing new soundtracks. Everything about it. Plus, at the very least, it’s a great break from work!
5. People watching in a café | Starbucks will do… but an outdoor café is the best. It’s slow and you can take your time sipping coffee and eating fun pastries. Take time time to pretend like you’re some old fashioned great writer and let the ideas come to you. 
Where do you do your best thinking?

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I do 1, 2, and 5 haha! As for 5, it's not in the cafe, I typically start thinking when I'm people watching in general, like, if there's guests over and I don't know them but have to present myself, then I start thinking!

Caley-Jade Rosenberg

Great post Carly, and I couldn't agree more!! I think the most in the shower and driving in my car (also when closing my eyes to go to sleep at night, amazing how our little minds race then!)


Definitely shower! I always say my best thinking is done in the shower! That and during a run. During both of those I can't write anything down though….. the only downside……

Cristina Marie

I totally agree with you! Sometimes I find myself lacking the inspiration and getting disappointed thinking how can I go a whole day without finding anything of interest to me. So I make that conscious effort to look for it and sometimes letting it come to me doing the things you've mentioned. Have you ever found yourself driving aimlessly or taking the train and when your done you don't even remember your trip because you were just thinking the whole time? So crazy. And I must say so myself, I do secretly feel like an extraordinary writer in the process of writing some epic book when I sit at a cafe haha!

Cristina Marie
C'est Une Belle Vie


i think in the shower. i can't think while i'm driving. i have to focus on driving since i have a manual and am always in stupid (people randomly slamming on their brakes for no reason) traffic.


The shower has always been the perfect place to mull over the pro's & con's of any BIG decision. You have mentioned some other great spots as well.My most favorite place to get inspired would be the beach. There is something so magical about watching the tide roll in and wash back out.


This is absolutely true! Thanks for reminding me of that! My best place is the shower, no doubt about it. Driving would be second and also taking a walk with my dogs in a park or neighborhood.

Julia D.

I think the overarching theme of removing yourself from your usual surroundings to take a mental break and allow your mind to wander encompasses every possible place someone could do their best thinking. For clearing my head completely, I tend to favour being outside. How can you not be unstressed and inspired when surrounded by natural beauty? Beyond that I think it tends to depend what type of writing or work you need inspiration for.