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After I moved into my apartment, I was doing all kinds of research on interior design. (Which, for the record, I’m awful at.) Most of my searching was really me pinning pretty pictures on Pinterest
Anyway… I wanted to keep my white walls. Mainly because I thought it would look the absolute cleanest. What ended up happening was a LOT of white. Way too much white. My living room and bedroom looked a lot like a hospital (or a dorm common room).
Then I pulled out the handbook for my apartment building out. Apparently painting walls and wallpapering the walls is out of the question. Naturally. Then I started researching removable wallpaper and came across the most amazing website with all sorts of patterns.
Accent Wall Customs has so many different designs. They’re perfect for dorm rooms and apartments… and really any place that requires a low-commitment sprucing up! I was sent a couple of panels for my soon-to-be work nook. (Can’t wait to have a spare minute to install!) And…… we’re teaming up to give away up to 80 square feet for someone’s walls!
I think the polka dots are awesome, but I’m sure there is a print for everyone’s personality and design style!

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Good Luck!

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