Five Simple Ways to Feel Refreshed

I’ve been feeling gross. Truly and utterly gross. It’s just so hot outside. The humidity makes my hair frizz right on up, so I’ve resorted to sporting a bun on the top of my head. My feet are constantly sore and hurting from swelling (seriously) in my shoes… even plain sandals are a pain! And my apartment? Remember how freezing it was during the winter… well now it’s boiling. The fans and the window unit are simply not cutting it.
Anyway, I’m just simply not feeling so fresh every day.
I swear, I take two or three showers a day. It’s the first thing I want to do when I get home and it’s the best way to start the morning. But there are a few quick things that I’ve been doing that help to make me feel more refreshed throughout the day… without jumping into the shower.
Simple Ways to Feel More Refreshed:
(1) Wash Your Hands | Seems so simple. Honestly, the simplest thing in the world. (And also something we do, like, eight times a day.) But using a luxurious soap (my favorite is Molton Brown) at the end of the day is like a quick trip to the spa. Well… sort of. But I swear it works. I feel so much better when my hands feel clean and smell great.
(2) Slip Into a Men’s Shirt | This is my secret weapon. Even though it’s long-sleeved, I instantly feel cooler and calmer when I’m wearing a loose men’s shirt. Rolling the sleeves up and wearing around my apartment is the best after a super long day in heels.
(3) Drink Tons of Fruit Water | Most of the time, the heat makes me crazy dehydrated. I’m not the kind of person to voluntarily drink water. But being dehydrated, in addition to being simply unhealthy, makes me super anxious. It’s never a good combination. Getting flavored water, or even better sticking fresh fruit in a class, ensures that I’m drinking enough water throughout the day.
(4) Stay Fresh Faced | Often, I am running errands around town and I just start to feel like I’m melting.  I wear a light amount of makeup during the day, but sometimes (when the going gets rough) I just have to just take the plunge and go sans makeup. These wipes are great to throw in your handbag and just use throughout the day.
(5) Pull Your Hair Up | Again, I’ve been wearing my hair up almost every single day. But sometimes I’m stubborn (#guilty) and attempt to wear my hair down. 99% of the time, I get frustrated after just an hour. Long hair, don’t care. That’s what ponytails are made for.
How do you stay refreshed?

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H. Thiers

I totally agree with the hands and water thing! I always get super dehydrated when it gets hot and washing my hand makes me feel so much better! When I need to feel refreshed I personally like to clean or iron. I don't know why it makes me feel so great. but for some reason it really relaxes me!



I agree as well! Washing your hands and rinsing your face off with water feels so cool and refreshing. These are all so spot on, with long hair even in the air conditioning it's a relief when I can pull it all up.


Lemon Smiles

I do all of those! London is going through a heat wave this fortnight so I've been hand-washing, water drinking and bun tying ever since the first bit of sun started showing!! Another trick I have is to keep one of those aerosol perfume sprays in my handbag. I go out for a wander and change of scenery on my lunch break but inevitably come back a hot sweaty mess – a quick spray of something flowery and I feel and smell fab before waltzing back into the office. The aerosols are cheap and small too – perfect!

Megan Jessen

I love this!

I use the Say Yes to Cucumbers cooling wipes – this humidity is making my skin seriously freak out.

Also, since I get headaches when I put my hair in an elastic (I know.) I keep one of those little claw clips in my bag, I just twist it into a little bun and clip the whole thing up.


I often combine washing my hands with washing my face the minute I get home. Cleaning off the sweat makes me feel so much better.


Lemon water has currently become my newest obession this summer! It makes me feel so refreshed and tastes so much beter than plain water!


Jessie Springer

Love all of these! Have you ever used Evian Facial Spray? On my recent vacation, the resort staff came around the pool and gave us Evian sprays to mist our faces with and it was amazing. Apparently it helps set your makeup too? I'd definitely suggest giving it a try!


emily rose

Omg! The swollen feet are the worst! I never experienced this until I lived thru an NYC summer. And bare minimum makeup is the only way to go!

Anna H

I have to take my make-up off immediately after I get home from work. It's just such an uncomfortable feeling to have it on after sweating all day, and I feel infinitely better the minute I take it off. Whatever beats the heat!


I love this! Such great tips. It has been crazy humid lately. Thank goodness the heatwave is over. I can deal with 20 degrees!

brittany barnett

great tips! if im dressed casual and not in white, i will get my bra or sports bra damp, and it keeps me sooooooo cool! or if you can get away with just wearing a sports bra that keeps me cooler too-pads are SOOOO hot! also i feel refreshed when biking, bc its breezy and awesome.