Yea, Connor Zwetsch is amazing…

A girl who went to my high school (and one of my sister’s friends and teammates) is seriously talented. She’s been posting covers on Youtube and, honestly, they’re just so amazing.

So so so sooooo amazing.

(Just as a side note… my high school churns out incredible people. Athletics, academics, music, acting, modeling. I feel so lucky to have been in an environment where excellence was encouraged and expected.)

Such a great song!
This has been one of my favorite songs recently. Seriously it’s so much fun to just sing with friends! Connor’s cover is AH-MAZING. Great to listen to at work.
On. Repeat.
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Annica Benning

Not quite sure how modeling is an accomplishment brought out by education in general, much less a specific school. But the rest sound great!

Charlee R

I actually like her cover of "I Love It" more than the original — I find I have to be in a super upbeat mood to listen to the Icona Pop version, but this is more mellow 🙂

Charlee Anne @ The Preppy Graduate


Wow! What a voice!

I went to a similar high school; I think a lot of people went on to become so successful because of our community, in general. It was super competitive and supportive, all at the same time.

House of Harper