One of my most favorite gifts for Christmas was a Flip camcorder! I have the black Ultra HD and absolutely LOVE it. The screen is large enough where you can get a great view of what’s going on, but the whole camcorder is small enough to slip into a pocket! It’s also extremely easy to use. I’ve been using it to film the rowers. Over our winter training trip, I could easily manage to film even with heavy gloves on. Mine [Ultra] holds up to two hours of footage and has a really good battery life.

The best part is the USB connection. It literally flips out from the device. You have no idea how convenient it is to not have to dig through your desk drawers trying to find the right cable! For the Ultra (I’m not sure about the other ones) you just charge the battery pack by connecting it to your computer. Sometimes it overheats and stops, but I just googled it and found instructions on what to do:

  1. Remove battery pack from Camera
  2. Connect the camcorder to the computer
  3. Insert the battery back in
  4. Safe eject the camcorder from computer
  5. Reconnect camcorder
It should work then.

My camcorder is plain ole black which is fine for what I use it for. But how cute would one of these be:

You can design your own Flip Mino by uploading pictures to their website!
I had too much fun playing around with all the Lilly prints I had saved on my desktop!
Love love love love love love this elephant!!!!

It’s so nice having little video memories!

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oh my god, i'm addicted to my flipvid and i never even thought of that. you just changed my life. how freaking cute.


I think the Flip camcorders are so neat! I love the one with the pink elephant!

Check out my blog when you get a chance- I tagged you for an award!


I got a Flip for Christmas and am embarrassed to admit I have yet to use it. Maybe I'll take it with me to work tomorrow.

Love the Lilly designs. I may have to get one for mine.