I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

My mom read an article in a magazine this summer saying to ditch the watch if you wanted to seem younger. Well, that is most certainly NOT the case.

Watches are way way way in.

I stole this picture from a friend from high school. I’m obsessed with their watches! And how cute do they look with their Yurmans??? Hello, sooooo cute!

This Christmas, my mom got me two watches. The one on the left is my everyday go-to watch. It’s an inexpensive Anne Klein. I LOVE my Michael Kors watch on the right.

New Years Eve
Two other styles I thought were cute (from the Nordies website)!

My first ever watch was a pink and purple Timex for kids that had butterflies on it. I’m pretty sure half of my kindergarten class had it too! Haha.

It’s getting to the point where checking my cell phone for the time is not only inconvenient, but also kind of rude. For example, during class! It’s so much more inconspicuous to glance at your wrist than to fumble through a tote to dig out your phone!!!

PS I just love layering my watches with pearl bracelets, gold bangles, etc.

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I loooveee my watch – its kind of like your Michael Kors, but it is by Merona (Target) and it is called the Boyfriend Watch … it looks like the two big gold watches in your friends picture. I get so many compliments! I totally agree with you!


I never thought you would post about watches…one of my many favorite things, actually 2nd after bracelets. I adore them, my golfer watch, my Christmas watch, my knock off watches, my Valentine watches (two of them) and all I have collected simply because I loved them. The funny thing is I don't really wear them much anymore. Thanks for reminding me of them…I will start tomorrow!!!


I haven't worn a watch since I "grew" out of mine…hello weight gain! Haha. Lately I've been inspired to get a new one so I love this post!
Are the Michael Kors watches good quality?


Miss Carly,

you have inspire me to go find a pretty watch…after all it's still my birthday!!!!!


-you owe me a sleepover


I got the tortoise Michael Kors one for Christmas, too! I love the larger face ("boyfriend watch") that's becoming so popular! Great choice!