Four Easy Halloween Costumes

Confession: I don’t really do costumes. I think I dressed up one time during high school (as Snow White) for a yearbook event… and one time as Blair Waldorf during college. And now that I think of it, I think I dressed up like a ballerina freshman year. I get really uncomfortable (read: embarrassed) to wear costumes. Mostly because people tend to use dressing up as an excuse to dress up. Do I want to wrap myself in duct tape or wear a costume out of a bag that would barely fit my newborn self? No.
But… that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on Halloween! You can definitely dress up with clothes you already own and dress in a presentable way.

Easy Cat
Girl Scout
What are you planning to go as? Do you do costumes?

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I don't dress up either. Once in high school my friend and I got really creative and went as shampoo and conditioner bottles (thankfully there is only one picture of this) and one year I dressed up in a poodle skirt, but I just don't feel comfortable in a costume. I feel like it gives everyone a reason to judge me (even though I believe nobody should be judged and you should be proud of who you are… people judge). But I like ideas like this – use what you already have, that way you are more comfortable. I work at an elementary school for an aftercare program and will be there on Halloween this year. I feel like this is a good starting point for something kindergarten-appropriate! Also – get well soon!


I don't really do costumes either. And I try my best not to buy things for halloween. In highschool, girls take it as an excuse to dress super revealing, so its hard to find the happy medium. This year I'm going to be a sailor (striped tank, navy skirt and sailor hat)!


I can't believe that Halloween is getting closer and closer!
It seems like just yesterday was the first day of August…where has the time flown?

Halloween, oh Halloween. All my memories of this one single night every year mostly revolve around candy. Honestly, I don't really recall what my costumes were. I know one year, I wore a poodle skirt as a 50s girl but other than that, all my Halloween costumes were too nondescript to remember! Or maybe I was too busy overindulging in candy to think about what I was wearing! 🙂
Nowadays, I'm that person who stays home to hand out candy rather than the person dressing up and doing all sorts of crazy things. If I were to dress up, it would definitely have to be something as simple as one of these costumes. The kitty cat! Eloise! Madeline! A girl scout! All of these outfits are so perfectly adorable…why didn't I think of them sooner?? They could definitely be created out of pieces that can be worn more than once a year, which is always a plus!
Additionally, they aren't revealing and icky (like a good deal of costumes nowadays) so I could definitely see myself sporting one of these.
Now, if only I could convince my friends to dress up with me…
Maybe this year will be the year that I finally start dressing up again!

Thanks for sharing these costume ideas with us, Carly!
I hope you're feeling a little bit better today 😀


P.S. I love LOOOVE hazelnutlatte's idea of being The "Daughter" of Man. I would love to see how she carries it out!


You have NO idea how excited I am to see Madeline on this list. I watched the movie literally every other day when I was little. Adorable!!


LOVE the Eloise one – I was Eloise a few years ago for Halloween. I've been so into the story book characters lately (as have you…I see Madeline in there!) and this year I plan on being "Angelina Ballerina"!


Madeline!! Love it! Props to you, Carly, for putting together such cute, classy costumes that recognize way more of a girl's dignity than your average Halloween outfit. I haven't decided yet if I'm dressing up (it's my first year working in a fancy office, although some people evidently get pretty into it), but I've been thinking of doing Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums or Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom!

Kathy Schneider

I usually dress up. But I rarely buy anything that I won't wear again when I'm not dressing up. So I've always been able to justify spending money on something…because there is no way I could justify those costumes in a bag. Nor do stores sell any costumes for women that are appropriate…


I love all the costume, I sure do love the madeline and eloise. Very easy to make and the dress for Madeline is super cute!!!

I am still not sure what costume I want to but either Darth Vader, Ninja Turtle(so I have an excuse to eat all of the pizzas at the party), or Mulan


These ideas are precious! I usually just "make" a costume from things in my own wardrobe. Luckily, this year I actually happened upon a vintage girl scout outfit over the summer that's been waiting in my closet for some wear ever since. So naturally I like your girl scout suggestion! You've also done a great job with the book characters!

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